Reviews For My Perfect Imperfection.

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  • Reviewed by: mestupmaddens on 01/28/2009 🚩
    You Should Make Another One Like This If You Are Still Writing..Well I Dont really go on this site anymore cuz many people dont write anymore but if you do let me know please

    Thanks Sharee
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 12/03/2007 🚩
    wht a beautiful story
    hope read more
  • Reviewed by: Bunny666 on 08/11/2006 🚩
    I love this story!!!!!!
  • Reviewed by: lyssa on 12/11/2005 🚩
    ..speechless (ina good way)...
  • Reviewed by: joelsriotgurl on 11/30/2005 🚩
    haha. i was waiting fo that ^-^ lovely
  • Reviewed by: evilvampireduck on 11/29/2005 🚩
    You still haven't watched Grease then right? Wonderful chapter, glad I told you that you had to update.
  • Reviewed by: mest_drummer on 11/29/2005 🚩
    im speechless! that was so good
  • Reviewed by: bitter_sweet_lover on 11/29/2005 🚩
    that was a really good chapter please update soon!!!!!
  • Reviewed by: eyeslikedaggers on 11/29/2005 🚩
    Amazing chapter. It would be awesome if Joel thought Benji's little sexual exploits were hot...otherwise, I feel so bad for Benji. Update soon!
  • Reviewed by: bleeding_heart_87 on 11/29/2005 🚩
    what?! lol nice =)
  • Reviewed by: anonymous_alcoholic on 11/29/2005 🚩
    OMG. OMG. OMG. He knows, damnit. I seriously like couldn't breathe. I thought like Benji was gonna catch him or something. OMG. You have to update soon. Please, for me. Y'know you wanna.
  • Reviewed by: No Apparent Reason on 11/29/2005 🚩
  • Reviewed by: anonymous_alcoholic on 11/14/2005 🚩
    I am such an idiot I swear. I always do this, I wait to start reading the best stories. Not so bad though, more to read and less time to wait. This is really amazing so far. I can't wait to read more. Please update soon. Love.
  • Reviewed by: GCobsessed on 10/17/2005 🚩
    Omg, i love it! Whats Joel gonna do when he finds out benji has been in 'movies'? Please update soon!
  • Reviewed by: WeBeLiEvEtHaTbEnJiIsSeXy on 10/16/2005 🚩
    Sorry I didn't review earlier. I was in school when I read this chapter. Then I just re-read it because I sort of forgot what happened. Yeah, but that was great. And Benji almost got caught. I wonder what Joel will think when he finds out little Mr. Benji is a former porn star... or however you'd want to put it. I hope it's a good reaction. Great chapter.
  • Reviewed by: random_hero on 10/15/2005 🚩
    My apologies for not reviewing lately either, but just so you know I'm still a loyal reader and I'm still loving it =D
  • Reviewed by: No Apparent Reason on 10/14/2005 🚩
    ssexxxxxehhhhhhhh ...... heh heh ya good job
  • Reviewed by: eyeslikedaggers on 10/14/2005 🚩
    If models walked around in their underwear through all those agencies, that is where I want to get a job lol. Good chapter! I am waiting for Joel to find out about Benji's porno past though. Scandal. Update soon!
  • Reviewed by: WeBeLiEvEtHaTbEnJiIsSeXy on 09/25/2005 🚩
    That was so. Fucking. Adorable. And, I could just imagine Benji being a model. Strutting his stuff on the run way. Mhm. Those are some nice images. Lol. I know I've said this more than enough times, but I love this story!
  • Reviewed by: No Apparent Reason on 09/25/2005 🚩
    oooh theyre so fuckin cute