Reviews For My Beautiful Suicide

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  • Reviewed by: lost_in_my_thoughts on 06/30/2005 🚩
    Oh wow, that was realy good, can't wait for the next chapter. Anh Hilary Duff... Well I could say a lot of things about her but its best I keep my mouth shut. Really good stuff, hope there's more.

    Author's Response: aww thanks you just made my day. and same for me about hilary!
  • Reviewed by: cookie on 06/30/2005 🚩
    WHAAAAAAAAAA *tears sttreaming* WAAAAAAAAH haha im funny shay:D lol aww good chapter only 14 more ppl need to ready myn for me to update ooooolalala

    Author's Response: youre a fricking fruitloop
  • Reviewed by: imissmymind on 06/28/2005 🚩
    Well that was... depressing. But good nonetheless.

    Author's Response: lol thank you =)
  • Reviewed by: uniquelikeyou on 06/28/2005 🚩
    that was sad:..( but what happened to josh? it was still really good tho

    Author's Response: Oh my god. I am so stupid!! but thanks :)
  • Reviewed by: cookie on 06/28/2005 🚩
    you suck i hate god like your stupid why would you write something like that......HAHA just kidding shaay you know i loved it=D what if i really didn't that suck k but love it keep it up :D when you came over and we made love haha heheh haaa im done.. Courtney

    Author's Response: i hate you too. shut up =)
  • Reviewed by: I_Dont_Know_My_Name on 06/28/2005 🚩
    awww... so sad! Great job though. Pe@ce and Madd Love!

    Author's Response: Thanks =)