Reviews For Falling From The Stars

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  • Reviewed by: LoveBilly19 on 08/05/2007 🚩
    lmao brad pitt and my girl JLO loll

    good storyy

  • Reviewed by: Riotgirln2punk2005 on 09/07/2005 🚩
    wow they moved quickly into the relationship there lol

    Author's Response: haha.... yep a little fast i know. hope ya like the story so far =)
  • Reviewed by: Riotgirln2punk2005 on 09/07/2005 🚩
    man i thought they were going to get caught for hiding, i am glad they didn't tho....billy is so romantic :D

    Author's Response: yea, he rly is a sweetie lol
  • Reviewed by: Riotgirln2punk2005 on 09/07/2005 🚩
    Neat Chapter, hey what is that 50 cent song that has that first part of ur chapter? I like that song but i can't think of the song lol well i am going to read the rest now peace ~Jess~

    Author's Response: thanks for the reviews=)
  • Reviewed by: Riotgirln2punk2005 on 09/07/2005 🚩
    hey good chapter, going to go read the other chapters now lol ~Jess~

    Author's Response: awesome cant wait to hear watcha think
  • Reviewed by: LolaRaysAutoGirl on 06/30/2005 🚩
    Hey, great job. I liked that. I'll check out part too. Sounds good.

    Author's Response: hey thank u!
  • Reviewed by: LolaRaysAutoGirl on 06/27/2005 🚩
    Awesome you should update more often. Great job.

    Author's Response: thank u very much =) =) =) i try to update as much as possible, but ive been pretty busy, and also, im doing several others, so yeah. thanks a bazillion for reading!!
  • Reviewed by: LolaRaysAutoGirl on 06/08/2005 🚩
    Eh, wasn't your best, but it was still fun to read. Nice job...he seemed a little uh--anxious...update soon.

    Author's Response: =)
  • Reviewed by: LolaRaysAutoGirl on 06/07/2005 🚩
    Awww, he's a corny-romantic kid. I love corny-romantic kids. That's adorable, this is an interesting story and I'm looking forward to reading more.

    Author's Response: yea, he really is, i love writing the corny romance =) chapter four is being written at this very moment, and shud b up tonite =) thanks for reading and reviewing =)
  • Reviewed by: gcsriotgirl418 on 06/06/2005 🚩
    Go Billy! Go Billy! Its your birthday! Its your birthday! Were gonna party like its your birthday! Were gonna si- Benji, Joel, Paul, and Aaron chanted, but stopped as soon as they saw me turn around and stare at them. God that was hilarious i've done that before(sing 50 cent to my friend when they do something) yeha! lol good story i like it.. benji liking david hahah sorry its funny lol

    Author's Response: ya lol i love that song lol =) and tho i've never written slash before, its gonna be funnnnn =D
  • Reviewed by: bassist_with_fangs0013 on 06/05/2005 🚩
    wow...this has a really interesting plotline! Please update ASAP!

    Author's Response: thankies =) i will =)
  • Reviewed by: gcsriotgirl418 on 06/03/2005 🚩
    ooh i love it already! its a really good idea hehe rock camp it reminds me of drumbline for some reason... i like the idea though lol add more soon!

    Author's Response: yay! thank u very much =) chapter 2 is already begun =)