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  • Reviewed by: Rye on 07/06/2007 🚩

    -sips Sprite- Wow.
    Reading this just gives me incredible inspiration to hunt down and MST some miserable person's story.
    And if it wasn't midnight... I would.
    But for now I'm just going to applaud you. You sure kept me laughing.
    And now... I depart to mourn that the GC fanbase consists of people who can murder the English language to such a great extent.

  • Reviewed by: punxkid on 08/30/2006 🚩
    WTF? Seriously, this story makes no sense what-so-ever and the spelling it just horrific.

    Great job on MSTing it.
  • Reviewed by: GothicxLlama on 08/29/2006 🚩

    You have super powers.


    You can read crappy writers minds.

    For that you get a muffin

    A vegan muffin, well, because I don't buy any other kind.

  • Reviewed by: dickorcunt on 08/29/2006 🚩
    What in the fuck is the Broads name?
  • Reviewed by: liarxx on 08/29/2006 🚩
    I want to kill myself after reading that.
    But your MST made it readable & enjoyable =]
  • Reviewed by: Fantasy Dream on 08/25/2006 🚩
    I just found this today, and I have to say that I love it!

    You have a great sense of humour! I think my favourite part would be the whole;
    "so he put on the cd and played bludy fvaltien and i knew ALL thw ords!!!!!!!111!!!!!1!!!1

    Thatís amazing, since that song doesnít even exist."

    It took me a few moments to figure out what song she was listened to.
    Such a horrible, horrible writer. But you're hilarious! If there's a next chapter, I hope you continue!

    Author's Response: Thanks xD Oh yes, there's more all right, and I'll definitely continue to MST it. We can't have the intelligent population die on us can we? xD
  • Reviewed by: fadeintothedark on 06/30/2005 🚩
    i guess I'm the geek who missed the memo in the new spelling of English....i seriously thought that my teachers were joking when they said that they had students who capitalized letters in the middle of sentences...guess not....and then since when do we put stuff like thes in writting !!!!111!!!! W T F is that the way i was eating a cucumber while reading this and the stuff that you said made me laugh so hard that i was choking.....thanks again... I CNTA WAT 2 RED MOURE!!!!!!!!11111!!! call i on mi sell fone wen u updte!!!1111111!!!! OoOoOoOoOo

    Author's Response: I don't think I dare go back to its lair to see if it's written any more...
  • Reviewed by: fadeintothedark on 06/30/2005 🚩
    yup still praying to the goddess of fanfiction that it is a joke but in case if it isn't....does she ever say how old she is...good god my guess would have to be 7 or so because i know my 10 year old neice spells way better seriously took me 4 times to figure out what she was saying here ...."I sat on my bed and cried i cudnt beleve my best frend had dchied me cus i woss she is jellys"....................great job mstn your amazing at it.... by the way how many so's can a person put in one story

    Author's Response: When you say you think she's 7, you mean 7 months, right? Yeah, I'd guess the same...
  • Reviewed by: fadeintothedark on 06/30/2005 🚩
    you know this is so awful that I'm really hoping that it is a joke of some sort...I mean come on....can a person be this bad at wonder people think Americans are idiots....goes off to read more begging that it gets better

    Author's Response: I praying they haven't written any more since I last checked...
  • Reviewed by: knittedsocks on 06/11/2005 🚩
    why Avril? oh god, why Avril?? CoSs ShEs Lyke SoOoOoOoO PuNk! LyKe OMG! there must be something very wrong with this author... I'm not even sure she deserves being called an author... I think 'the voices' told her to write this... yes, it was 'the voices'... isn't Avril Lavigne canadian? why would Joel, 'Benjy' and 'billly' be in Canada?

    Author's Response: I never thought of that. I have NO idea. I sure hope they try to drive a helicopter and accidently land it in the Atlantic. Or set themselves on fire... Thanks anyways. xD
  • Reviewed by: cass_gcfan on 06/11/2005 🚩
    hey I already reviewed because I thought it was only one chapter but much to my disappointment there was more of the story! But congratulations on a hilarious MST and lets hope all people who write such shit stories go jump of a cliff.

    Author's Response: Oh I love it when people review a second time. I think we should throw all the crap writers in a nice big volcano. 'Crap-Writer Kebab; buy one get one free!' Actually, that might not taste too good...
  • Reviewed by: cass_gcfan on 06/11/2005 🚩
    hey ha ha that was awesome i can't stand words like 'hawt' and 'sOoOoO'. They piss me off so bad! Well nice work anyway and congreatulations on another great 'so-called story' lol

    Author's Response: Words like that piss me off too... hence why I decided this was PERFECT MST material. Thanks for reviewing. xD
  • Reviewed by: feobeo on 06/11/2005 🚩
    Lmfao! It would have sucked but you made me laugh so hard! ...I'm scared too, she's coming to get me o-O *is laughing that she made Avril Lavigne call someone a poser* Haha I know someone who can drive really well with her knees :P she flew a plane a short distance with her knees once... While rolling a cigarette... Haha...that sounds so fake but it's true, haha :P Love your MST :P:P

    Author's Response: xD
  • Reviewed by: WeBeLiEvEtHaTbEnJiIsSeXy on 06/08/2005 🚩
    LMAO!! This girl is retarded! LyK OMG!1!!!!11111 gAh tis lYk dEe BeSt tsory i HAvve eVa reEd!11!!! That took me forever. anyways, great MST-ing! Its hilarious!

    Author's Response: xD. Thanks.
  • Reviewed by: x 2 X Madelicious X 7 x on 06/08/2005 🚩
    ... No... just... :: shakes head :: ... Just, no. This author... No, I'm being too nice-this 'author' is fucking pathetic.

    Author's Response: I sometimes regret ever reading their "story", but I must admit it's fun to MST. xD
  • Reviewed by: freakazoid2356 on 06/07/2005 🚩
    haha. Great MST. I love your comments, they're awesome! but, for the author of the real story, i hate her already and i don't even know her. =) Once again. Great MST =D

    Author's Response: xD
  • Reviewed by: freakazoid2356 on 06/07/2005 🚩
    haha. Great MST. I love your comments, they're awesome! but, for the author of the real story, i hate her already and i don't even know her. =) Once again. Great MST =D

    Author's Response: xD. I kind of wish the original author had never been born. But it's fun to MST. xD
  • Reviewed by: CutUpAngel on 06/07/2005 🚩
    Okay, im like really fucked up now. Im laughing cause that was funny, im crying cause that was plain sad (the original author) and im cowering in fear of what will come next........ :)

    Author's Response: lol. xD
  • Reviewed by: DaftPunk on 06/07/2005 🚩
    That was great! But, um, actually it should be Avril and 'I', not 'and me'...We all love the grammer nazi here, don't we?

    Author's Response: Oh yes, I love grammar nazi's. They're my best friends. *gives grammar nazi big hug that squashes all air out of them* xD Thanks.
  • Reviewed by: Rancid on 06/07/2005 🚩
    Oh just what i needed to cheer me up after a bad day at work

    Author's Response: Thanks. Glad I cheered you up. Have a nice day. xD