Reviews For Fucking The Janitor

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  • Reviewed by: benjisbabygrl on 06/11/2009 🚩
    nice...that was very good =)

    Author's Response:

    Thank you :)

  • Reviewed by: heartfeltxxlies on 09/04/2005 🚩
    Oh wow. I wasn't expecting that. You are certaintly a very, very good writer

    Author's Response: hehehe... thank you, thank you, thank you :D
  • Reviewed by: LifeAndDeath56 on 09/04/2005 🚩
    Ah SHIT I would go BACK to school If Benji worked there....damn! that was hot! Well I would go back to the school...but classes...nah...I'll stick with Sex ed by Benji LMAO Love much Kater

    Author's Response: hahahahaha :D awesome ;) thanks for reading :)
  • Reviewed by: ilovedbenjifirst on 06/29/2005 🚩
    This was freakin hot! OMG! No the band broke up! But this story was hot as hell! I loved it!

    Author's Response: hehehe ;) thanks :D
  • Reviewed by: triple_threat_06 on 06/25/2005 🚩
    that was i'd fuck the janitor too if he looked like benji...

    Author's Response: hehehe... :D Everyone should save up some money and buy him a janitor-suite for his next birthday ;) haha.. kidding.. :P thanks for liking it :D
  • Reviewed by: CutUpAngel on 06/22/2005 🚩
    that was hott

    Author's Response: thank you :D
  • Reviewed by: xgoodxcharlotte44x on 06/20/2005 🚩
    Hot hot story! I love it!! Benji the janitor...that's Great story!

    Author's Response: haha.. I agree ;) thansk for loving it :D
  • Reviewed by: IAlmostDied14 on 06/17/2005 🚩
    omg that was a great story!! that was hot as fucking hell!! i wish benji was my janitor..

    Author's Response: yeah, I think everyone wishes that :P I'd rather have him as my sexslave thou ;) thanks for likeing it :D
  • Reviewed by: skaterGCchick on 06/15/2005 🚩
    I am gonna add you on MySpace if you don't mind, my name is Giavanna. Good story by the way! That was hott!

    Author's Response: no problem. thanks! :D
  • Reviewed by: sickxvalentine on 05/31/2005 🚩
    Hey girl! Thanks so much for noticing me on my myspace. Thats kick ass. We should let more people know about them. lol. Rock on!

    Author's Response: uhm.. know about who? or what..? :P you lost me...
  • Reviewed by: ImNotMissingHim on 05/29/2005 🚩
    that was good ru going to make another one?

    Author's Response: I'm having a few ideas, so I'll probably make another one soon ;)
  • Reviewed by: x1Murder1x on 05/23/2005 🚩
    Man, that was awesome as hell! I wish Benji would be my janitor!!!!

    Author's Response: so do I ;)
  • Reviewed by: Suicidal x Dreamz 666 on 05/22/2005 🚩
    fuck that was hot as hell!!!! damn I loved it!!!!!!

    Author's Response: glad you liked it :)
  • Reviewed by: sickxvalentine on 05/22/2005 🚩
    shit woman!!! that fucking rocks!! If I had a janitor as hot as Benji I would do the same fucking thing! Hell yes! Power to you!! lol I definetly recommend you doing more of these ~Kristina

    Author's Response: power to me.. wohoo :D I have a new one up called Making Porn.. you should read it ;)