Reviews For A Problem With Change

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  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 06/13/2008 🚩
    plz finish this is damn interestng
    i wnt to know the end
  • Reviewed by: mygoodcharlotter on 07/25/2007 🚩
    go on! I wanna read more!
  • Reviewed by: PunkRocker01AAF on 07/15/2005 🚩
    Ahhh...this is why i don't read incomplete stories...cuz they are sooo goood i wanna know what happens!!!
  • Reviewed by: FatallyxYours on 05/28/2005 🚩
    Ohh I like this, keep going!
  • Reviewed by: Dan_Yell on 05/24/2005 🚩
    Hey chica... I'm really interested in this. Update when you can, I hope everything gets better. Love you lots... xxpeace
  • Reviewed by: theTruth on 05/20/2005 🚩
    Yeah that rocks! I really like it :). Would be cool if you updated soon :)!
  • Reviewed by: mimi on 05/20/2005 🚩
    It's really awesome! You described how they fell really well! update soon please!
  • Reviewed by: Black Dawn on 05/20/2005 🚩
    Hello, beautiful. I've been gone, did you miss my reviews? Should I feel honored by the use of the name Millie, or is she a bitch? Eh, just kidding. And, you know, I can smell Joel angst. And that's simply awesome. but everything you do is awesome, sooooo.....
  • Reviewed by: Dontwannastop911 on 05/20/2005 🚩
    awesome start!! This is really good!! Update soon!!
  • Reviewed by: kiddings on 05/20/2005 🚩
    Hey, Please update. I would like to read more.... it's really cool!