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  • Reviewed by: Ulle on 08/22/2005 🚩
    Ahhh, please update, this story is great. And please let Benji loose that fucking amnesia.

    Author's Response: i'll try.
  • Reviewed by: Emotionless_shadow on 08/10/2005 🚩
    Wow wikid story!!! I luv it update soon plz!

    Author's Response: uhhh, ok. I was just thinking about dropping it...ok, I guess i;ll update soon...
  • Reviewed by: I_Dont_Know_My_Name on 08/06/2005 🚩
    Awwwwww! Damn I was confused at first but I think I get it now lol. AWesome chapter and I hope you update soon! Pe@ce and Madd Love.

    Author's Response: Anything Benji does is confusing in this story really..idk. He'd almost annoying to write because I have to write anything that comes to my head...get off topic and then get back on...its weird but his character...
  • Reviewed by: Ulle on 08/05/2005 🚩
    Oh no cliffhanger. Please update really soon.

    Author's Response: huh... woah. a review on this? Didn't expect that. I havent touched this is a LONG time.
  • Reviewed by: iluvmybenji on 07/11/2005 🚩
    i'll call ya soon chill out!! jpin I know that would fucking suck!!! but just watch knowing our luck it'll happen... damnit i gots ta stop thinking like that!! sry kinda hyper!!! damn coffee they put much more than one scoup of sugar in that!! oh well whose complaining! I'm having way to much fun and for once i'm not doing anything!! heh imagine that!! i told ya i'll call ya when im done running around going to therapy and running arans seeing dozens of my realatives with my grandma and then i gots to go to my dads house and talk about "things" basically i've got to convince him to stop being and uptite dipshit... oh yea thats really gonna happen!! and now i'm rambling... but you like it when i ramble right?? since when do i ramble i have no fucking clue... i guess i'll never know..well u must be sick of reading this by now if you still are reading it that is... love the chapter hope that we don't end up like that!! oh well you'll know if i get into trouble... you'll just know. you always seem to know and i always seem to know when your in trouble... funny how that works... well gonna go now... gots to go before i get yelled at oops to late! love ya lotssssss!!!!!! buh bye hun!!! Lots Of Love!!! -YOUR TWIN!! you know what i mean! Rachel

    Author's Response: hehe. long review. you werent rambling too much. not as bad as me...
  • Reviewed by: hopelessnightmare666 on 07/11/2005 🚩
    Very good chapter. Thanks for updating.

    Author's Response: no prob. thanks for reviewing
  • Reviewed by: IWish_Itwas_Raining on 07/11/2005 🚩
    wow good chapter! i love this story an dcant wait to read more!! great chapter! update soon please.. byebye

    Author's Response: i will...
  • Reviewed by: XxLestatsLuvxX on 07/05/2005 🚩
    Interesting chapter. The plot is getting more suspenseful. I love the use of sarcasm in Benji's character. Update soon and keep up with the great work!

    Author's Response: I notice half way threw writing that chapter that Benji is one sarcastic fucker
  • Reviewed by: steLLina on 07/05/2005 🚩
    fuckin fat fucker! :P I like it, so please, continue :)

    Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. The reviews really make it easier to write.
  • Reviewed by: gc_freakazoid26 on 07/04/2005 🚩
    update soon pretty plz

    Author's Response: ok...working on it
  • Reviewed by: iluvmybenji on 07/04/2005 🚩
    great chapter! poor benj... anyways love it!! update soon. as always lots of love-Rachel

    Author's Response: thank you! you me!
  • Reviewed by: hopelessnightmare666 on 07/04/2005 🚩
    Stupid fat ass. Poor Benj. Awesome chapter, I love this story.

    Author's Response: thank you! wow..thanks!
  • Reviewed by: joelishot on 07/04/2005 🚩
    update soon plz

    Author's Response: ok...i like you name...very blunt...thanks for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: Ulle on 07/04/2005 🚩
    I really like this story. Please update soon.

    Author's Response: thank you! I will try
  • Reviewed by: iluvmybenji on 06/22/2005 🚩
    OMG!!! FUCKING CLUMPY HAIR!! lol anyways I loved the chapter!! and now that you're not gonna be grounded you can update soon right??? lol anyways loved it a few inside jokes in there i see... hmmm.. anyways im gonna stop being so stupid now if that is possible... so yea gonna go see ya around!! Lots Of Love-Samara

    Author's Response: hehe rach!! I couldnt resist putting clumpy hair in there...i HAD to!!! OMG its the last day of school!! LOve you lots! -Jess o yea thanks for the review
  • Reviewed by: steLLina on 06/22/2005 🚩
    oh, PLEASE, update as soon as you can... PWEEEAASSEE! (I'm pathetic!)

    Author's Response: your not pathetic! I do the same thing to the authors of the stories i read!! hehe...i will try
  • Reviewed by: hopelessnightmare666 on 06/22/2005 🚩
    Detective Benji...I think I'm lost, will he come find me??? Hey, I cam dream can't I? Anyway, great chapter; very enjoyable.

    Author's Response: maybe he will find never know!
  • Reviewed by: IWish_Itwas_Raining on 06/11/2005 🚩
    love the new chapter! good job, caant wait to see what happens next, i feel bad for joel, having benji yell at him to leave and all. well bye

    Author's Response: thank for the review!!!
  • Reviewed by: BENJISBRIDE on 06/04/2005 🚩
    Oh that was kind of sad, I feel bad for Joel even though I could care less about him right now!!! Any ways yeah~~~~ More NOW~~~

    Author's Response: thank you for the review i'll try to get to the *more now* as soon as I can
  • Reviewed by: I_Dont_Know_My_Name on 06/04/2005 🚩
    ouch! That was really good! You rock! PLease update soon. Pe@ce & Madd Love!

    Author's Response: thank you lots. I'll try to update as soon as i can.