Reviews For Bless Me Father

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  • Reviewed by: 27_Galvanised_Stars on 12/29/2010 🚩
    Hell Yes! I've been waiting for this fic to be updated for ages. It is one of my top favourites, and I've really been hanging out to read more. Please please please finish this story, I want to know how it ends.
  • Reviewed by: smiler888 on 08/18/2010 🚩
    you totally can't leave it hanging like that!
    update? :)

    Author's Response: haha. i havent updated this story in years. i probably should i suppose it was one of my favorites. its just hard to get back into the swing of it with an old story. but we will see if i can come up with something.
  • Reviewed by: MorrisseyIsLove on 08/22/2008 🚩
    Jesus, you need to update on this. It's absolutely beautiful. I NEED MAH FIX, MAN! C'MON! :)
  • Reviewed by: Saphira on 08/07/2007 🚩
    please please please go on writing!!!
  • Reviewed by: freak_like_me on 08/03/2007 🚩
    i love love love this story :)

    i would have reviewed before but i had to keep reading it was impossible not to! its amazing! lovelove xxxxxx

  • Reviewed by: LoveBilly19 on 06/29/2007 🚩
  • Reviewed by: 27_Galvanised_Stars on 05/25/2007 🚩
    Okay, you can not leave it just there... that is just nasty... Please update, cliff hangers are only fun for the writers. All readers need to know what is going to happen, so it's hell when we can't find out.

    Hmm, off of that... I was wondering if you were up for some constructive criticism? I have a little bit... not with the story, or how it's written, but I've found that there are quite a lot of spelling errors, or typos. One repeat offender is when you write "of coarse" it's actually the wrong 'coarse'... the one you need is 'course'... so, a 'u' instead of an 'a'...
    Hope you don't mind... I don't want to sound mean...
    Anyway, this is a really great story, and I just hope that you will update soon.
  • Reviewed by: BbyD0LL on 04/10/2007 🚩
    i love your stories and you def need to continue them! you have a real knack for witing and i would love to read about what happens to them! Poor billy.
  • Reviewed by: starlite_luver on 03/22/2007 🚩
    Please update soon. i can't wait to see what happens next. its really different from a lot of the other stories and thats what makes it so great. this story is extremely well written and i just hope to see more really soon.
  • Reviewed by: Saral on 03/10/2007 🚩
    You know, I never actually expected this story to ever get past chapter twelve. I was really worried about that too, because I really liked this story when I first started reading it. It was so different from other stories on this site. It was graceless, really. It didn't glorify things, and it told the screwed up side of the human race. That has a certain appeal to it. Always good if you feel like your own life is hell, just read about someone else's whose is much worse.
    I hope that you do post more chapter soon, no more two year gaps, or however long it was. I'm very interested. Not to mention the cliffhanger you just left use with. They are ever so much fun to write, but never really good to read. It's always great having that sort of power over readers though, I must admit.

    Well, as always, keep up the good work, doubt you'll slack off.
  • Reviewed by: Saphira on 01/23/2007 🚩
    go on please!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Reviewed by: physco muse on 01/21/2007 🚩
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! damn these cliff hangers More soon please please wow now i sound like i have an addiction
  • Reviewed by: Saphira on 01/17/2007 🚩
    please update soon!!!!!
  • Reviewed by: haggard on 01/11/2007 🚩
    I thught that this was never going to be updated.. but I'm so glad that it has been.

    Brilliantly written, just like the rest of it :D

  • Reviewed by: Saphira on 01/05/2007 🚩
    oh my gosh!! please don't let him die!!!!!!!!!

    and go on please!!!!
  • Reviewed by: LonelyDays on 12/18/2006 🚩
    dude i fucking love this story
    you write awesome its like your really in their head
    you know just the perfect thing to say
    i love billy in this story
    i just wanna say the whole junkie and joel a member of the church thing is a perfect scenario
  • Reviewed by: bassistsgrl03 on 12/01/2006 🚩
    Oh wow--I'm so excited to see this updated!!! This is such an amazing story and I really can't wait to read more!!
  • Reviewed by: on 11/28/2006 🚩
    YAY for the quick update
    I can't wait for more
  • Reviewed by: physco muse on 11/28/2006 🚩
    noooooooooo more cliff hangers please update soon
  • Reviewed by: JoelyBenj on 11/28/2006 🚩
    I remember this story and I really liked it. I see you've changed it up a bit. I definitely want you to keep writing! It's soooo dramatic right now!