• Hotmail

    Update: For a limited time we will be offering free gmail invites to anyone who wants one (this includes everyone, not just those who use hotmail). If you would like one, send us an email using the contact form and we will send you an invite asap.


    It has come to my attention that some users using a hotmail email address will not receive any messages from the site. If you are using hotmail for your email address on here, and are not receiving any emails, I would suggest using another email service (if you already have one) or simply signing up for an email forwarding service. I've provided a list of free websites offering this service below:

  • We're Back

    No more hiatus. Thank you for all being patient as we revamped the site.

  • No More Crossover Submissions

    Tracy and I have long since decided that we will not be adding anymore crossover categories to the site. Please stop submitting your suggestions and filling up my inbox. They will be ignored and deleted. Thanks.

    Also, all stories you post to the site must be your own. That means they must be written by you, and not a story you simply came across. Even if you change the names of the characters and modify the storyline, it's still plagiarism and that is definitely not tolerated on this site. I don't care if you put up a disclaimer that it is not your story. That's just it: it's not your story. So don't post it.

  • Last Chance for Crossovers

    This is a Good Charlotte Fan Fiction site. Period. What does that mean, you ask? That means: AT LEAST ONE MEMBER OF GOOD CHARLOTTE IS A MAIN CHARACTER. (Main Character is a person who is in EVERY chapter of the story and NOT just mentioned in each chapter.)

    -A member of Good Charlotte must be a main character.
    -He must be in each chapter as a main character. NOT JUST MENTIONED. (Excluding the first chapter.)
    -He must have a decently developed character.

    As you will recall, this has been in the rules since the beginning. It only takes a few people to ruin this for everyone. So my suggestion is, if you donít report fictions that break these rules, then you are just as responsible for ruining this as the people who post the stories.

    Christine and I are sick of people abusing the site and posting non-Good Charlotte related stories. We are prepared to do whatever we have to do to end said abuse. This is your last chance. Donít screw it up.

    Just follow the rules, and we will have no problems.

  • Common Sense

    May I remind everyone that this is a Good Charlotte site for Good Charlotte stories. WE DO NOT HAVE A NON-GC SECTION ON THIS SITE. Anyone found to be posting stories not related to Good Charlotte or that do not focus on the band will be banned from both posting on and viewing this site.

    In other news, the site is still under construction so features may look off for a few more weeks.

  • Theme Changes

    Over the next few weeks, some changes are going to be taking place with all the themes. The site is also going through a minor revamp, so some pages may not be available for days at a time. During this time, some features on certain themes will not work or will look strange until they are fixed. Don't panic, because I will be aware of it. Try to refrain from sending emails, because (again) I will be aware of it. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or post at the forum and I will be happy to answer them.

  • It's Our Birthday!

    As you may or may not know, August 1, 2005 is GCFF's one-year anniversary. That's right, we have officially survived the WWW for one whole year.

    Let me tell you right now, the past year has not been easy. However, for four server moves and one big crash under our belt, I don't think we've turned out half bad. The site has gone above and beyond what it was set out to originally accomplish. And what was that exactly? To create a place for Good Charlotte fans to come together and share a common bond: the love of fan fiction.

    So you're probably thinking I'm going to go all narcissistic on you guys now. I would say that I'm not, but then I wouldn't be writing this massive speech. However, I definitely could and will not take all the credit, as there are so many people out there that I am incredibly thankful to. Members: Where it all started. GCFF would not be in existence if it were not for closing. Or at least, threatening to close. Production for this site started in early July 2004. It was set to be a place where former members of that site could come and post their stories. I never imagined in a million years that the site would grow to be this big. Within our first month, we had 100+ members, and it's all thanks to these guys promoting us and giving the site a chance.

    Tracy: One of the many people who have been incredibly supportive throughout, and a major help to me, even though she doesn't do all that much. From her witnessing my hysteric phase when the site crashed and staying online with me on New Years Eve (we really do need to get lives, hun) to our convos on MSN where we do nothing but complain about everything, Tracy is probably the only person in this whole process that has kept me grounded and focused. But most of all, she likes to take all the bitchy e-mails I receive. Oh, and the site would have closed by now with no doubt. Forgot that one.

    Sites: There have been so many sites that have supported us in one way or another. A huge thanks goes to Sandra, Meg, and Rita (the previous owner of BMF) for agreeing to pimp us out when we first started. Also, a huge thanks to Syd from GCO for partnering with us.

    Validaters: Thanks to these guys, GCFF has a reputation of bringing you quality stories that people actually want to read. They probably don't want their pennames on here, but they're too important to be left out. So a huge, bigger than life thanks goes out to afi_girl13, BleedingRain, Bug Drool, Hinny, Kam, KerriVicious, Krissy, lifes scar, Paper Wings, Punkness Benji, sparkles4joel, Tionne, Trinity Joselyn Carter, xLostxSoulx, and XxWoundedxX for all your help.

    GCFF still has a way to go, but I thank every single one of you that has helped us along the way. All 4000+ members that have signed up and supported the site, and all 1000+ authors that have graced us with your wonderful stories.

    Here's to another year.

  • E-mail Warning

    Just a reminder, if your e-mails bounce and I find out that you are using a fake or invalid one (this includes all of you that put "www." in front of your address), or have a filter/auto responder that is sending e-mails back, you and all your stories will be removed from the site without warning. Please go to your account and double check. There will be no exceptions.

  • Known Problems

    We are aware that there is a problem when you go to edit stories, where the story doesn't change and an error shows up at the top of the page. I am in the process of fixing this, but it's going to take me a day or two as I have to go into the stories folder of each author and change some permissions. Please be patient during this time, because I promise it will be fixed soon.

    There is also the "curl" problem. If you get a 404/forbidden error when you go to add your story, scan the content and take out any mentions of the word "curl" or a word that has "curl" in it. I promise to have this fixed by this weekend.

    Edit: Second issue has been fixed.

  • Categories

    Please be patient when suggesting categories. They probably won't show up on the site for a good few weeks or so. In fact, I haven't added any since April. I'm extremely busy and only have so much time to work on the site and such. However, I promise that I will eventually get around to adding them.

    Also, we're going to stop accepting pairings for crossover categories. It's pointless to use up database space to add a category when only one story is added there. If we see that a certain pairing is popular (such as Benji/Tony or something) then we'll add a pairing and you can transfer your stories over. You can simply put your stories in the main crossover category. For example, if you have a story with the pairing Benji/Pierre and there is no current pairing like that, put the story in the Simple Plan category. You can always mention the pairing in the summary. Thanks guys.

  • Good News

    First off, Happy Birthday Billy. Might as well get that out in the open before you guys all have a conniption like you did when we didn't mention Benji and Joel's big day. We were going to have a contest in Mr. Martin's honor, but we've both been very busy girls. However, we do have something huge planned for GCFF's one-year anniversary, which lands on the first of August. So stay tuned for news on that.

    Now, the real reason for the update. I've switched servers (yes, again) which is great news for you. Why? The site now costs a minuscule amount of $13 per month rather than the $35 we were paying before. Therefore, with our current donations, the site can stay open until November 2006.

  • My Apologies

    Sorry guys. The site being down earlier had no relation to you whatsoever. Meaning when it said your account was suspended, it didn't actually mean your GCFanFics account. My server was doing some pretty crazy stuff yesterday so I had the company that maintains it try and fix the errors and I guess this accidentally happened when they were running a script for just that. I went ahead and unsuspended the account so the site should be working now. Thanks for all the emails concerning this, because I probably would have gone to bed not even noticing the site was down.

    The contest has been delayed just a bit. You can't submit entries still, but I need a few more days to post the winners and such. It completely slipped my mind that I was going to a concert tonight and it was the same day I set for the contest to end. I'll try and get everything set up asap though.

  • Some Updates

    The new forum is now online. If you wish to sign up, please note that on the 15th and 30th of each month inactive members are deleted. This includes members with zero posts.

    If you suggested a category and it has not yet shown up on the site, please be patient. I will eventually get to them. Please remember that unless a crossover category already has two or more pairings, you cannot suggest a pairing for it. Just place your story in that crossover and mention the pairing in the summary.

    Some pages such as the FAQ isn't working right now. The FAQ will actually be implemented with the Help Center which should be making an appearance sometime this month. For now, head over to the forum and ask any questions. If you email me questions, you're less likely to get a fast response as I only check it once or twice a week.

    You have two days to enter the Chris contest. Entries will be posted on the 5th.

    Last but not least, thanks for all the nominations. Since I can only pick six a week, I store nominations to use for the future so keep them coming.

  • Banning Rights Petition

    It has come to our attention that there are a few members who are still unclear as to our Banning Rule. We have received a few emails asking for a certain person to be unbanned without knowing the entire story. A day or two ago we found there was a petition going around for this certain person to be unbanned. We want to impress upon everyone that we had valid reasons for banning her. Most of you will never need to worry about being banned, but we would like everyone to take a look at our petition with the attached story. It would mean a lot to us if you agreed to sign. If you do not, you donít have to. We are not forcing anyone to sign, this is your decision.

    We feel that it is unjust for people to assume things about this certain banned person and us.

    Thanks for your time.

    Banning Rights Petition

    Edit: This petition was made because we want to make sure everyone agrees with our banning rules and rights. This was not made for anyone to judge anyone included in the petition. We expect each on of you are mature enough to understand that.

  • Crossovers

    Guys, come on. Don't abuse the crossover category. If you post in the crossovers, your story has to have Good Charlotte or a member of the band in it. It can't be a story about some random band. Now would be a great time to use your brain because, well, duh. This site is called GCFanFics not BandFanFics.

    Edit: I completely forgot. bmadden made us a fanlisting. How awesome is she? Visit and join by clicking clicking here.

  • And the winner is...

    Congrats to theTruth for winning the site theme contest.

    Thanks to everyone who participated and took the time to vote.

    Edit: Remember to nominate stories this week. I came up short on nominations and had to do some searching.

  • April Already?

    I figured we'd spare you a cheesy April Fools joke, mostly because the worst I could think of was saying the site is closing down. But hey! That's already been done. However, we do have to mention Good Charlotte's aniversary today. If you guys remember, we had a contest to show your appreciation toward the boys and winners have been announced. Congrats goes out to Penguins_suck and ibringshame2. To see all entries, click here. Also, be sure to vote for the new site theme(s) by CLICKING HERE. You need to be signed up at the forum to vote. Yes, another tick in our scam to make everyone sign up over there. Voting ends in seven days - April 8. Good luck guys.

    Some people that have donated didn't leave me a penname. If you do not have a donated symbol on your bio page, send me an email with your email address (if you paid via Paypal) or your real address (if you sent in money). Also, if your story has been featured in the past, email me with the name of the story and how many times it has been on the front page. As for the contest winners, I'll be going through and marking who won the old Christmas contest later this weekend. If your story has not yet been posted back up at the site, now would be an awesome time to do just that.

    Last but not least, the categories have been changed up a little. Basically the crossover section has been moved to the bottom since it's so large and growing everyday. Speaking of which, I haven't got around to adding categories yet but I will do that this weekend. Please be patient and stop sending me twenty emails repeating the same thing over and over. I got the suggestion, okay? Okay. Thanks guys.

  • Misc. News

    Hey guys. Sorry I didn't get done all that I said I was going to do this week for the site. I've been incredibly busy with... well, life. Just be patient and hold on because I promise things will get done eventually.

    Tracy and I are looking for three or so people to help us validate stories. It's hard for us to find time to get on the site and stories just build up. Plus we're on the same timezone so there's always that time spent sleeping where we come on and there are hundreds of new chapters. Okay, so maybe that was an exaggeration but you get my point. If you are interested, click here and read all about it. You must be signed up at the forum to view.

    Today is the last day you can send in submissions for the Appreciation contest. Also, be sure to submit your themes in by March 31. Voting will be held April 1-8 and the winner will have their image made into a new site skin.

    Also, PLEASE make sure your emails are correct. A lot have been bouncing back. Accounts with invalid emails will be deleted if found.

    Last but not least, we now have over 2000 members, almost twice as what we had before. Thanks for making this site a huge success guys.

  • Donations

    Current Donations: $97.03
    This will keep our site open until June 23, 2005.

    If you would like to donate, the email address to my Paypal and also my mailing address has been posted on the forum. And yes, I will let you guys know from now on when we need donations. I'll dedicate an area somewhere on the main page.

    Tracy's Edit:
    Okay. Here's going to be the rule, for the next couple of weeks until we get some story validators, please post no more than five stories/chapters a day. It's extremely hard to keep up with validating if people are going to post ten or fifteen chapters a night. Thanks.

  • Happy Now?

    Because people are immature and stupid, stories will now have to go through Tracy and I before they are added to the site.