• Reviews Fix

    The problem with authors not being able to respond to reviews has been fixed. Sorry for taking so long.

  • Birthday... Wishes?

    Happy birthday to Tracy, who turns 20 today :)

  • Script Bugs and E-mails

    There are some bugs in the script that aren't letting you take advantage of all the features of the site. For example, authors aren't able to respond to reviews. These are being worked on and should be fixed soon.

    I've been getting a lot of bounced e-mails lately. An e-mail will bounce when the server can't find a mailbox, the mailbox doesn't exist, etc. I DO delete accounts with bad e-mail address. Please check and update your addresses to make sure they are correct. Thanks!

  • Hello Again

    Welcome back. There have been some changes to the site, but as I'm typing this I realize that I can't remember what they are. So if something looks different then it's a change and we'll pretend that I mentioned it here.

    As the little welcome message says, you're currently looking at a temporary layout. Also, the rules and terms of service are going to go through some revisions so will not be available for the next couple of days.

    That's about it. Any questions?

    Edit: You can now access the site with and without the www. It wasn't working before but is fixed now.

  • Contest Deadline

    Since the site has been down and the deadline for our Valentine's Day contest was set for today, I'm going to extend the deadline until the 13th.

    Edit: There was a problem with trying to add new stories/chapters where the story content wasn't showing up. This has been fixed and those whose submissions were affected have been contacted. All you need to do is submit your story/chapter again.

  • Last Chance for Crossovers

    If you have a story that is in one of our remaining crossover categories, I'm asking that you please move it. If your story has "TO BE DELETED" after the category label then you are, in fact using a crossover category. I've asked at least three times for authors to please move their stories to the appropriate categories, and now is your last chance. Starting tomorrow I will be deleting the remaining crossover categories. If I can't tell what the pairing is through the summary, your story is just going to be deleted. I'm not going to put myself through the torture of taking the time to read through and try to figure out who your characters are.

    Also, I got a question about our Valentine's Day contest. You are allowed to submit old stories as long as they meet the requirements.

  • Valentine's Day Contest

    For our first contest of the new year, we have decided to hold a Valentine's Day contest. Guidelines and instructions on how to enter are posted on the contests page. You have until midnight CST on February 11 to submit your stories. Winners will be posted on Valentine's Day. If you have any further questions, please comment on this news entry.

  • Favorites Fixed

    The "favorites" feature should be fixed when you go to add a story/author from the story page. Once you click the link, you will be taken to a page where you can add comments about why you added it. This will show up on your bio page where it has the link that reads "Username's Favorites", username being your own of course. If you aren't sure what I mean, try testing it out and see for yourself.

  • Site Upgrade

    The site has recently gone through an upgrade. Some parts of the layout may seem a bit off for a couple days until we get all the kinks worked out. If something is painfully obvious and/or is hurting how the site functions, please comment here or on the forum and we will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

    Two new features worth mentioning include the return of the story count (how many views your story/chapter gets) and the ability to add co-authors to stories. Enjoy!

  • New Layout

    We have finally released the new version of the site. I hope you guys like it (although I don't think anyone would complain too much after having to look at the weird black and white layout for as long as you did). I want to thank everyone for being patient as the site pages were being worked on. Some of the major problems have been resolved, such as not being able to register or edit your profile.

    If you find any errors or think something could be better, please let us know either by contacting us or leaving us a comment here.

    New skins will be coming eventually, but I wanted to get most if not all the upcoming content finished first. There are a lot of fun and useful things planned to be added. I'll keep you updated as new features are released.

    The biggest change so far is our revision of the category section. As we mentioned before, we are taking out the crossover section and also we will be deleting the multiple pairings as well since it is now possible to select more than one category for a single story. If you have time and your story uses a multiple pairing option, we would be grateful if you would edit your story and select the correct categories pertaining to your story.

    Lastly, we are currently looking for affiliates. Until we have a page set up, if you would like to link us in return for a link back, please contact us via e-mail with the URL to your site.

  • Some Updates

    Our submission rules and terms of service have been updated. Please take the time to review the changes and let us know if something is unclear.

  • Site Forum

    We now have a site forum located here. Please note that this is not a place to discuss Good Charlotte as a band. Yes, this site is devoted to them, but there are thousands of places on the web to do just that. We suggest GCNaptown or GC-Chronicles. This forum is soley for talk about the site. Also note that if wanting to join the forum, you will have to register an account there. The forum has no relation to your account here, so the details of your username and password are not carried.

  • Email Updates

    Please sign up for our email newsletter. Each month a new email will be sent out to subscribers summarizing all site news as well as giving you important information that isn't posted here.

    1. Go to your Account Info.
    2. Click Edit Personal Information.
    3. FIND "Send me the Newsletter:"
    4. Mark the checkbox.

  • User Problems

    If you are trying to register, or log into your account (for those not using the "remember me" function) you may be getting an error when trying to do so. I'll have to look into the problem when I have time, which probably won't be until sometime early next week. For now, you're just going to have to wait. Don't send me anymore emails, because I am fully aware of the problem and what is causing it. I just don't have the time to fix it right now.

    Edit: Problem should be fixed now.

    Also, for everyone complaining that they are not getting emails, please read the news about hotmail addresses and either add us to your safe list or get a forwarder/redirect. I'm tired of explaining it over and over so if you don't do your part, that's tough. Anymore emails about not receiving messages that deal with a hotmail address will be deleted automatically. There's nothing I can do to help you.

  • Crossovers

    It has long been decided that the crossover category will be deleted. As you may or may not have noticed, crossovers are now being listed as a genre, and you select from the character list who your crossover person/group/etc. is. Therefore, you must select a category that best suits what your story is. If you have a Benji/Tony story, your category would be "Benji/OMC" with "crossover" marked as a genre option and "Mest" as a character.

    Over the next few weeks the crossover category will slowly disappear. All stories will be moved to the appropriate categories on the site. If you have any stories that currently belong in the crossover category, help us out and move them. Any stories found to not be about Good Charlotte will be deleted without notice.

    If you wish to suggest a character, or if you have any questions, please leave us a comment here or contact us using the email form.

  • Contacting Us

    Guys, please leave us your penname and give us a detailed explaination of what you need if you go to contact us. Some people are just starting up the email with random requests to do this and that and I have no idea what they're talking about. Also, if you are replying to a message from us, you need to actually use the reply feature and not just send a new email. It's very confusing because we get a lot of emails per day and it's hard to remember who you are and what you needed.

    Also, if you contact us needing your penname/password, please be patient. It's a bit of a hassle to look that information up and we don't really need an email sent every two hours letting us know that we haven't gotten back to you yet. We got the email, trust me. It may take a few days, but you will get what you asked for.

    Some helpful hints:

    1. If you were an actual author on the site and can't remember your penname, try searching for the title of one of your stories.

    2. If you need your password, try different combinations of passwords you use on other sites. I doubt there are that many people out there that use a different password for every single thing they sign up for.

    3. If you aren't getting emails from us, add to your safe list and/or contacts. If you still aren't getting emails, seriously consider getting a new email client. Gmail accounts are still being offered. You can forward the gmail account so messages are delivered to your other email client, if you like.

    From now on, all complaints of not receiving emails when using a hotmail account are going to be ignored. We've provided enough resources for you, now it's your problem.

  • Validators

    Our validators should be treated with the utmost respect. They have been chosen for their ability to write and read at the top level, here at our site. They have the knowledge of what is acceptable on this site and what is not. Arguing with them is not going to help your cause. In any case of abuse of “power” it is to be taken up with me, not Christine (since she is a very busy girl). I will then decide what action is to happen. Do not start anything with them. Do not argue with them, personally attack them or continually email them insulting their intelligence, writing skills, age, or validating skills.

    Any disrespect reported by our validators will result in immediate suspension. Any continued disrespect will result in being banned.

    By disrespect I mean: Name calling. Harassing. Insulting comments. Rude Language. Repetitive emails. Etc.

    It is okay if you guys would like to email a validator to clarify what was sent in a rejection letter. It is not okay to repetitively harass our validators. They are very hard working, volunteers on our site, who have proven themselves as trustworthy and well knowledgeable about what Christine and I would like on our site. Please show them the respect you would want shown to you. You have to give respect to get it.

  • Some Tips

    Here's an easy tip for everyone. If you have a new story (or not so new), and you're not sure it will be validate, do not send all eight or 50,000 chapters at once. If one gets rejected, then the rest after them get rejected. It will save both us and you guys time in the long run. I would suggest sending maybe two or three chapters.

    Also, please make sure you have a working email. If you want more info please see the previous news post.

    Um, yeah. And I love Christine.

  • Hotmail

    Update: For a limited time we will be offering free gmail invites to anyone who wants one (this includes everyone, not just those who use hotmail). If you would like one, send us an email using the contact form and we will send you an invite asap.


    It has come to my attention that some users using a hotmail email address will not receive any messages from the site. If you are using hotmail for your email address on here, and are not receiving any emails, I would suggest using another email service (if you already have one) or simply signing up for an email forwarding service. I've provided a list of free websites offering this service below:

  • We're Back

    No more hiatus. Thank you for all being patient as we revamped the site.