• Admin Appreciation

    I think everyone should some love to Christine and Tracy for continuing to keep GCFanfics open. These two rock! One of the ways you can do this is to continue to do what you're doing, submitting stories and reviewing the work of others.
    I don't know if anyone's ever thought of this, but reviewing others stories advertises your own. The author who you left a review to may decide to read your stories and return the favor, so review your tushes off!

  • A Reminder

    Remember that this is a Good Charlotte fansite. The band consists of Billy, Paul, Dean, Benji, and Joel. Not Zacky Vengeance or Synyster Gates. Just wanted to clear up the confusion for those of you that seem to think otherwise :P.

    In other news, Benji and Joel celebrated a birthday this month (FYI: I will as well... send money! I'm broke!). Happy belated birthday to them.

  • Did you include us in your resolutions?

    A happy belated New Year to you lot! I hope you included us in your list of resolutions for 2008! Maybe you made a pledge to review more, or perhaps to write a new story. The membership at the board is growing, thatís exciting. You should join us, donít be shy! A link to the board is up top of the page.

    Welcome to the world baby Harlow!

  • New Skin

    A new default skin has been released. All members will be moved over to the new skin by the end of the day. Not all design kinks are worked out as I'm still working on it, so if you see any flaws, please help me out by letting me know.

  • MSTs

    Hey guys, I just wanted to inform you that we are no longer accepting MSTs. The line between a constructive MST and an abusive MST has always been a bit fuzzy so it has been decided that it is best to leave them out all together.
    Sorry to disappoint anyone... but... hey... its better to focus on building up your skills as a writer than tearing someone else down, right? Speaking of which, if you want a few pointers, thereís a writing guide posted on the gcff forum for anyone who is interested. You are welcome to add feedback or questions to it.

  • New Policy - Advertisements

    Due to moving out and a wedding in less than a year, I can no longer afford to take care of the majority of the server costs. Right now we are making around $70 with Google ads, but we need to be making a minimum of $140 each month. This means we should be making around $5.00 per day on average.

    The revenue we receive from Google compared to server costs hasn't been a problem before, but it's getting harder for me to pay the server bill. This month was especially hard, and I haven't officially had to pay all my bills yet. So what's going to happen?

    The site can easily be paid for in full with revenue from ads. I put up a banner ad on the forum two days ago, which helped us reach the $5.00 goal both days. If members could click an advertisement at least once a day, we will see a huge difference in ad revenue. What I suggest is clicking an ad both when you come to the site and before you leave. It takes two seconds and can easily be apart of your daily internet routine. Besides, maybe you want to find out who your "Perfect Lover" is :P

    I will be putting up daily stats on the forum to see how we're doing on funds. If you notice that we're low on our goal for one day, make sure that you try and make up for it the next. You can find this thread here. If we do not reach a total of $140 each month, the site will be closed each day we are a dollar short. So if we only make $138 for the month of November, the site will be shut down on December 1 and 2. Make sense?

  • MIA Stories/Chapters?

    Follow these steps:

    1. Click on the "Manage Stories" link under your account.

    2. Under the "Validated" column it will either say yes or no, depending on if your story has yet to be approved or not.

    2A. If yes, your story has been posted. The end.
    2B. If no, your story is still in the queue. The end.
    2C. Not listed at all? It's been rejected and deleted. Continue to step 3.

    3. Check your email for a rejection letter.

    3A. Oh, there it is! Now I will fix my story.
    3B. WTF there's nothing! Not even in my junk mail! Well, continue to step 4.

    4. Add admin [at] to your safelist, especially if you use hotmail.

    5. Resubmit, but attempt to fix your story first. Don't just resubmit it for the sake of finding out what's wrong. Paste that baby into Word and pay attention to all the red/green squiggly lines.


  • Validating

    We've been a little behind on validating lately. I want to remind everyone that our validaters are volunteers and they come on the site and help out whenever they can. Just like you, we all have lives that take priority when it comes to our daily activities. Just because a few stories are added at a time and yours doesn't make it, doesn't mean that your story isn't any more of a priority. Sometimes all we have time for is to come online and go through a couple stories at a time. Just be patient, and we'll get to your story as soon as we can.

  • Message Board

    Our message board is now open. There are still a few kinks to work out, but it's functional. Click the above link to register.

  • Attention Members

    I need everyone to click on My Account in the navigation menu and then click Edit Bio and make sure their e-mail address is valid and current. Even if you think it is, you need to double check. Free service providers such as Hotmail and Yahoo delete your account after x number of days of inactivity, so your e-mail may be expired.

  • Adding Favorites

    I've been getting some e-mails about users not being able to add stories to their favorites. It's really hard to determine if this is an error on the script or not as everything is working okay on my end.
    I'm thinking the problem is users not realizing the new process for adding a favorite. When you click the link, you will be taken to a page. On that page should be a textbox where you can enter personal comments. I don't know if any of you were around back when was still open, but this process is very similar to that one. These comments will allow you to easily reference a story when you are viewing your favorites and so forth. You MUST hit the submit button whether or not you have entered comments. That way, your favorites are actually saved. I don't know if users are skipping this step and that's where the confusion lies or if there really is a problem with the script.

    If I could get some input, that would be great. Let me know if there is an actual problem so I can try to fix it. If not and it is a user error, I'll make some changes to that particular page to make instruction a little clearer.

    Thanks guys :)

  • Penname Change

    Users are now once again able to change their pennames. There has also been a change that will affect both new and existing users. Before, the limit on how many characters a penname can hold has been 200. However, longer pennames can mess up the layout, especially with the new layout that will be debuting soon (I promise!) So from now on, we will only allow a maximum of 20 characters. See below:


    That should still give you guys plenty of freedom to choose a suitable penname. So how will it affect you guys? New users will not be able to sign up with a penname more than 20 characters, and exisiting users who wish to edit their bio in the future will get error messages when they try to save their changes until they change their penname to something more site-friendly. I know it's a bit of a pain, but it will make the site look better, I promise. So if you know that your penname exceeds the 20 limit mark, do me a favor and change it please. And hey, with the accounts being purged all this month you just might be able to get that penname you weren't able to when you signed up. Over 2,000 accounts have already been deleted and there are thousands more to come.

  • Rules Reminder

    I feel the need to remind everyone that nasty reviews are not allowed. If you didn't like a story, it's completely up to you if you wish to give an author constructive criticism. However, I strongly suggest that we all follow the rule of "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." If you have a tip on how an author can improve, by all means, they could use the feedback. But personally attacking an author and/or flaming the story is different. It's cruel and hurtful.

    Stories are clearly labled on this site. If you don't like the idea of twincest or even a certain pairing, it's listed right on the story. Rape, violence, and other certain warnings are available for authors to list if their story includes it. There is no excuse of "accidentally" clicking into a story that contains subjects you do not like. If you see something listed on a story that you are not comfortable with, DO NOT click into that story. DO NOT read it. And especially DO NOT leave a hateful review because of personal preference.

    It's easy to get away with a lot more on the internet, but behavior like this will not be tolerated on the site. It's completely juvenile and if you're not old enough to realize this, then maybe you aren't old enough to be on a fan fiction site.

    P.S. On a completely unrelated note, I want to thank everyone for bringing in around $130 for server costs last month.

  • Poll

    I've added a poll to the page which you will see above. All of these features will be added to the site in the future, but I would like your opinions on what should be added first. Knowing the rate I work, it'll probably be next year until all three are up and working :P

    So let me know by voting and then if you have any comments direct them here. I'd love to hear your opinions.

  • Purged Accounts

    We are currently undergoing a purging process for all members of the site. Over 600 accounts have already been deleted, and there are many more to come. If your account is deleted, it is because it has been deemed inactive. Accounts that qualify for deletion include those with no stories posted and those who have little or zero reviews in comparison to the date that the user registered. For example, if you joined Oct. 2005, you should have left more than 2 reviews by now. Exceptions are accounts that are registered after May 1st. Anything before that date is subject to deletion.

    I've noticed a lot of members have logged in since the month of June, but because they joined 2+ months ago and have not left a single review, their account is still considered inactive. Even if you do not write, you can still take part in a vital aspect of this site which is reviewing. Please see Kerri's post below on the importance of leaving feedback for authors.

    If your account is (or will be) one of the unlucky that has been deleted, I welcome you to sign back up and take a further role in this community.

  • Review, Review, Review!

    Imagine this scenario: You think up this killer plot one day and rush to write it down before it evades your conscious. Youíre so excited and thinking of how bad you want to share the finished piece with everyone. So, you log into your GCFanfics account and submit it to be validated immediately upon completion. After its been approved it sits, shining in all its glory, waiting on someone to read it. A day goes by, and you become curious as to if anyoneís read it. You havenít gotten any notifications of new reviews, so you begin to wonder.

    Checking your story statistics, you look for any reviews. Nope, no new reviews. Well, you think, maybe its still new and no oneís found it yet. Scanning over the read count, youíre shocked. 20 people have read your story and not a single one reviewed! Your mood plummets and you wonder if you should just delete the story, after all, out of 20 people, no oneís bothered to leave a review, good or bad!

    My friend, do not despair, you are not alone. You are a good author; your story would not have been accepted if you werenít! Here at GCFanfics, we take pride in hosting only quality stories that meet our standards.

    Iíve noticed a decline in reviewers lately (the ratio of readers to reviewers is horribly tilted in favor of readers than reviewers when it is liked by writers to be as even between the two as possible) and distraught authors who have noticed as well have threatened for reviews in the past. The reason it is not happening now is we tell the author to remove the message because it is insulting to the people who have taken the time to review the story (most common Iíve seen is ĎLeave 5 reviews or else I wonít continue!íÖ do not do this).

    Please, everyone, leave reviews when youíve read a story! Constructive criticism is what helps us all grow as writers. It encourages us all to continue writing, some of us may even go pro one day. If you didnít like it, and you donít want to review, thatís understandable, but it would be helpful to the author if you told them politely what you think they should change and also saying something about it that you did like to even out the blow the author may feel. Reviewers are more important than us Validators! You, as a reviewer, keep the site moral high and keep the stories coming in eagerly to hear what you have to say. I love my reviewers, thank you all for encouraging me! And thanks to Christine and Tracy for letting me briefly take the stage and speak my mind. They do so much for us by keeping GCFanfics alive. They are amazing.

  • Advertisements

    I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has supported our sponsors by clicking on the advertisements throughout the site. Each month our server cost runs $140, which takes a nice chuck out of my paycheck. It is my goal each month to raise at least half of that ($70) through our sponsors to help cover some of the costs. I'm excited to say that last month my goal was exceeded by bringing in around $90. So thanks everyone for helping keep the site around longer.

  • Just a Quick FYI

    I will be out of town until the 30th. Any emails will be addressed when I get back. If you need immediate help, try contacting Tracy. She may or may not be able to help with your problem.

    If you did not get a reply to your email, please send another one.

  • New Users!

    I'm getting a little tired of repeating myself, so this is the last warning for new users.

    Do NOT sign up for more than one account.

    It's a little obvious when I check the new registrations page and see the same pennames registered with only a letter or number difference. Not to mention that these accounts all share the same IP address. One person signed up for 3 separate accounts yesterday. I cannot stress to you enough how wasteful that is for our resources. We only have so much room in our database, and the more that is packed into it, the slower the site is. At least once a week we have the server crash where everything is shut down and the site becomes available for a certain amount of time. What's going to happen when one day the site crashes completely? I know that one little extra account doesn't seem like much, but when we have 5+ users PER DAY that sign up with multiple accounts that adds up!

    From now on if I see someone signing up with multiple accounts they will be banned. If you have any extra accounts, please let me know so that I can delete them. I'm not going to be mad if you tell me and you won't get into any trouble. You'll actually be doing the site a big favor by helping to clear up the database.

    If you can't remember your password or penname, just contact me and I will be able to help you out. If you need a password, mention your penname. If you need your penname, give me the email you signed up with. It's really that simple.

  • Hotmail Users

    If you're a new user signing up at the site (or even an existing one who isn't getting e-mails) please make sure you add admin [at] to your safelist. Obviously you'll replace the [at] with @ like a normal address, but for spam issues I had to change it. If you do not, there is a very good chance that you'll never receive your password or future e-mails from the site.

    If you're a new user and never got your password e-mail, DO NOT sign up for a new account. Just contact us with your penname and we can change it for you. There is a "Contact Us" link on every page of the site.