• Quick Update

    Sorry for the downtime. We yet again had to switch servers. I promise this was the last move though. Everything is fine now, but if you run across any problems please let me know. Features that weren't working before now are. Namely the alerts for new reviews, responses for reviews, an email when a story on your favorites list is updated, and the contact form on an author's bio page now works. If you want a full explanation of recent events, check at the forum. Thanks for being patient guys.

  • Note to MST Writers

    To brush up on the rules a bit, number seven includes a note that mentions insults are not tolerated and "this includes personal attacks against authors in MSTs". To see the entire statement, go to your user area or the terms of service.

    MSTs are allowed on the site, but some of you are taking it a little too far. A MST is supposed to focus on the story, not the person writing it. Throwing around personal insults like calling the original author a "c*nt" or "fat b*tch" is beyond immature, not to mention completely tactless. Your job isn't to poke fun at the author, but the story. I realize that every once in awhile it's fun to put in your little jibes, but let's grow up and save the name calling.

  • Update

    The site will be remaining open, but if either of us should have to deal with any hate mail or rude comments, then that person will be permanently banned. We will not put up with the bad quality of fictions any longer. We, Christine, the Story Monitors and I, will report every fiction we see that falls under these standards. We will then converse and decide which authors are to be notified and which are to be deleted. If you have any questions regarding this process email Me and only me.

    On behalf of everyone working here, I would like to thank everyone who has cleaned up their fictions and bumped up the quality of fictions on the site. We hope with time our site will become the one and only place to find high quality Good Charlotte Fan Fictions. (Which is not such a far off dream.)

    Christine will be working on a few new skins for the site soon, and there is a list going at the forum of which skins have been decided upon. Here. Please donít request anymore, Christine has enough to keep her busy for a long, long time.

    -Capitalize your story titles.
    -Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization in all your stories and their summaries.
    -Make sure your stories are 500 words by checking them in a word processor.
    -Correctly categorize your stories, and post them only once.
    -Correctly rate your stories and apply the correct warnings.
    -Adhere to the warnings. If you donít like particular things in stories, please donít read them.

    Have an awesome weekend and keep posting your stories. Tracy

  • Rules are Rules

    Do not send emails to bitch at me. If you don't like the rules here, you can leave. Tracy and I are very reasonable with the authors here so don't treat us like shit because you have a problem with how things are run. ONE more negative email, and this site will close down for good. It is not my job to babysit crappy writers. We have a team of over ten people at the forum who judge what is acceptable and what isn't. Unlike what many think, it is not up to Tracy and I solely to decide what stays and what goes.

    The 500 word limit is put into place because I have to pay for bandwidth each month. This site uses nearly 100GB per month which is very expensive. Each time you post (long or short chapter - it doesn't matter), it uses up bandwidth. So please explain why you think it's so wrong that all we are asking is for you to post chapters just a little bit longer so you can get some worth out of your chapters? Please explain why people have such a problem with the spelling and grammar rule, but yet still bitch when stories from this site are unreadable? We're not trying to make you guys perfect. I understand that sometimes you fuck up. Even I do. So don't think that we're trying to mold you guys into robots. We understand, and that's why we have the story monitors over at the forum to help us decide. These people are authors just like you. We're not against everyone. Each of us make mistakes.

    As owner of this site, I feel that I should be allowed to create some basic rules. As maintainer of this site, I feel that I should be able to enforce things that could mess up the format of this site. As reader of this site, I feel I should be allowed to make standards for the things I want to read. Are you guys that are complaining even looking at the standards? Probably not. Because if you did, you would realize that they are not hard to follow. If you are unable to follow these, there are plenty of fiction sites out there. I have provided a beta thread in the forum for anyone who has problems with spelling and grammar, and who needs someone to maybe look over their stories. All you have to do is ask! There is no excuse in why you can't write a quality fiction when you have all of these options available to you.

    So for those of you that complain, just leave. I have the right to do what I want with my site. I could say that all this isn't worth it and delete it right now. But instead I choose to get opinions from other people. Do you think I just pulled these rules out of nowhere? No! I asked around and people answered. Lots of people in fact. And I took those opinions from those people and created the rules/standards for this site. I'm always open to suggestions. I do listen to people. However, I'm not going to be open to someone who blatantly puts me down and questions what I can and cannot do, because they don't think it's fair. I know that what I'm doing is fair, because I have the support of many people. Don't think that it's me against you, because it's not. It is several people against you. So go on. Leave. We don't want you here. Anyone who continues to email me in a negative manner will be deleted from this site and blocked. Then you'll have no choice but to visit those fan fiction sites that have lost their credibility because the users on there continue to post crap. And you know what? When that happens, send me an email and tell me how it's going. Because I guarantee that you'll be wishing you had a place to read quality fictions.

    Now, all this being said, if you still want to bitch, please do so here.

  • Site Rules

    Revision of Site Rules: (for a complete listing of rules, visit your User Account Area, at the bottom.)

    1. All stories need a proper summary. No special characters in chapter titles.
    2. Correctly categorize and rate your story.
    3. All chapters must be 500 words.
    4. Absolutely no flames.
    5. Authorís notes made as separate chapters are NOT allowed.
    6. Correct spelling punctuation, grammar, and capitalization is a must.

    If you have problems with spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, or story lines use our Beta Forum. Itís what itís there for.

    The disregarding of the following rules will result in immediate deletion:

    1. Chapters under 500 words. We donít care if you have to add two or three chapters together to make the 500 word count, do it.
    2. Authorís Notes made as separate chapters.
    3. Flagrant disregard for our authority.

    Please visit our Terms of Service for more information.

  • Regarding Passwords

    I've sent out all the passwords that people have contacted me about. If you haven't gotten yours yet, and you did contact me, please click here and reply with your penname and email address.

    Edit: Do not send me anymore emails. Follow the directions above to get your password. If you still have no gotten it after 24 hours of posting on the forum, click here and see if I replied.


  • Hello Again

    Hey guys, long time no see. The site is finally back online, although not everything works yet. You can still post, read, review stories but features such as the nominate form, etc. are not working quite yet. I'll be sure to get onto these problems as soon as possible. If you come across any major problems, please let us know by posting in the forum (which, by the way, is new and awesome and you should check it out right now).

    If you know of a place where GC fans lurk, please let them know they need to come back to the site and sign up again. However, don't spam places you aren't supposed to. We don't want you guys getting into trouble or anything.

    Again, do not post your stories all at once. Try aiming for no more than 5 posts a day until you are caught up. Each time you post, it uses up bandwidth and that costs money. Have some consideration for my bank account, eh?

    There are some cool new features on the site, and you can hunt for them all or cheat and look on the forum. Either way, we hope you sign up over there because it would be great to hear from you guys. Plus, you get to meet some awesome people.

    If you have any questions, e-mail one of us or comment here. Again, we're really sorry about all the problems. Have fun!

  • New Server

    We have officially moved to our new server and hopefully all is running ok. If you happen to come across any problems, email me and I'll look into it.

  • Bandwidth Problem

    The site has used up most of its bandwidth for the month... again. This means the site will be down... again.

    The site will be going down on Monday the 15th. This is not due to the lack of donations, but rather Christine has decided to take the site down so she can change its server at the same time. The site will be up (with luck) in a week. If you have any questions during that time, please visit the forum (the link is above) and add it to your favorites. There will be updates on the forum.

    The money that has been received from donations is starting to add up and they are VERY appreciated. So Thank you. Donations are still being taken.

    [EDIT - 11/14] Also, Christine's and my emails will be down during this time. So if you have questions please visit the forum and PM one of us.

  • Quick Update

    It seems that Fanfictionlog has closed, or at least isn''t showing up 99.9% of the time. If you know of any homeless authors, be sure to refer them here. The site will be worked on throughout the day, updating the layout and working on features such as our help desk. This could cause the site to go down for a short time, however everything should be up and working as soon as possible.

  • Grand Opening

    Hey guys, and welcome to the official launch of! We currently have four themes for this site so sign up and check them out. To register, click the log in link and you should see a link for you to register. It takes just a few minutes and then you can start posting away! To edit or post anything, you need to click your account link and just browse around that area until you find what you're looking for. We are in need of some staff members and betas, so if you are interested fill out an application. We'd love to have you. Enjoy guys!