• New Category

    GCFF is now accepting stories about other bands as main characters! To add a story featuring another band, you MUST upload it to the "Other Bands" category. This will make your story identifiable to other members that it is not GC-centric. Remember, you can select multiple categories so if your story is a GC/other band member pairing you can add it to both the GC side and the Other Bands category. Same submission rules apply.

    Eventually the stories will be searchable by band name in place of characters. Unfortunately this is a manual process for the time being. If you have a story you would like to upload that features a specific band, you can contact us to have us add the band to the character list ahead of time. Or, add your story and we will create the band/character later and add it to your story. Once a band has been created, going forward you can simply select it in the Characters field when you add a story so that it will be searchable for other members.

    Please contact us or leave a comment here if you have any questions.

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