• Photo Gallery

    I'm excited to announce I've solved the problem with the photo gallery (without breaking anything!) 😆 Beginning today, registered users will be able to upload photos and contribute to the gallery, as well as comment on, rate, and collect your favorite photos. You will also be able to create avatars from uploaded photos to use on the site as your profile picture.

    If you come across any errors using this new feature, please comment below to let me know. Also note that all uploaded photos will go through an approval process to ensure appropriateness of the content. Your photos will not appear until approved.

  • That sounds pretty cool :D
    Thank you for trying so hard to make this work!!
  • I just tried uploading a picture of Benji and Joel. I uploaded it to the „group photos“ album.
    But you forgot to make an album for Joel himself ;)
  • Lol! Just added it, thanks!
  • When I click on any link associated with the gallery it redirects me to the “My Account” page.
  • Even after you log in? I changed the test account to your admin level and was able to access it fine so I don't think that's the problem. Hmm..

    It will take you to the login page if it doesn't recognize you as a registered member. So I'm wondering if something is off with cookie settings? Maybe try logging out and back in again and see if that works?
  • Logging out and back in fixed it, all good now. Thanks!
  • Yay! Glad it worked
  • You are welcome 😊😘
  • Wow you've done a great job with the place! Been a while since I've visited.
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