• Spring Update

    I will be releasing the spring reviewer badges and awarding the winter badges soon. I also realize I forgot to upload a new image for the 2017 author badge so I will correct that asap 😊

    I apologize for the delay in the gallery. It was my intention to design it in a way that members could upload images, however I'm having problems getting that to actually work. I haven't had time to dig into what's causing the issue but I will try to do that within the next few weeks. If for some reason I cannot get it to work, I may need help brainstorming ideas on what we could do instead. I'll update everyone via the shoutbox when I have more news.

    I'm also looking for individuals willing to expand on our blog experience. Looking for news, writing articles. If you're interested, please reach out with a comment here or the shoutbox, or you can contact me privately using the contact link at the bottom of the page.

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