• Welcome Back

    Hello everyone and welcome back to GCFF! The site is now officially re-open due to popular demand. Please bear with me while I get the site back up and running. Unfortunately, when I closed the site I deleted everything and only kept the story files so I had to remake a skin and edit files from scratch. Good news is this also brought along some cool new features (more on that later!) If you notice an error on the site, please comment on this news story and let me know. You can also get updates on features and changes on Twitter.

    Because of the script the site uses and how large it is, GCFF need to run on a dedicated server which is very costly. Since the site has declined in traffic over the past couple years I was able to downgrade the server which cut the monthly hosting costs by about 65%. However, it still costs around $600/year to host the site so I'm asking for donations. If just 5 people donated $10 a month, it would keep the site open for a full year. Those who donated will get a special profile badge. If you donated and do not see your badge, please contact me and let me know the e-mail you used on Paypal and your penname on the site.

    I will be making a post shortly outlining all the new features so check back soon.

  • I havent donated yet, for some reason my credit card is not being validated, I must have the wrong address, anyway! Im SO glad this site is back and running. I will definately try my best to contribute. This gives me motivation to start writing again. Ive been stuck in a rut for a year now, seeing this site gone for a short time scared me, because this has been my getaway from reality for so many years. And its amazing how people are still up to date with the site! I hope more people get involved and continue writing & reviewing; even if the boys dont bring out new stuff for YEARS, GCFF is HOME! & we cant ever let it burn down. Woww, That was long! Yayy (:

  • Thanks for your support! I was blown away by how many people still visited and enjoyed the site - definitely an eye opener.
  • So glad that the community is still here and looking to put together. I am looking to donate something when I get paid. :) Hopefully the community stands up, and helps you with the costs. :)


  • Multiple chapters from my story are missing and I forgot to save them elsewhere. Any chance of getting them back?
  • Which chapters are missing? All are showing up for me.
  • I had written 16 or 17 chapters, but only 1-12 are up.
  • I've found the missing chapters... not sure what happened. I just copied over the text so you might want to check the formatting and make sure it is ok for chapters 13-19.
  • Thank you so much.
  • A reader just informed me I'm missing chapters too. My story "You Get Used to Somebody" had 13 chapters posted, now only 1-7 are up.
  • I wanted to read Break me, since it was in the featured section but is has no content. It was written by bleeding_heart_87. The sequel is Mend the uneven has no content as well.

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