• New Skin - Cardiology

    The default skin for all users is now "Cardiology". If you find any errors with this skin, please let me know ASAP in the comments. I'm going to be using this template for future skins so any errors will need to be fixed sooner than later. Thanks for being so patient through this mess of an upgrade.

  • I dig the new layout and skin


  • Thank you :)
  • I really like the new layout. It's functional and pretty and lovely color palette and omg I love it :) It soooo good :) Only thing I can't seem to find is the unread reviews in the my account area. I'm not sure what the exact name of that thing was, but it was pretty handy :) Also, if we're on the topic of whish-lists, one day, in the future, when GCFF is busting with pro web-designers and IT guys and girl, a chat or forum would be complete awesomeness. ;) Anyway, keep up the great work :)



    (oh, hey, it's not only html anymore. how cool!)

  • Unresponded reviews is back. Go to your account and click on "Reviews Received" and it will show you a page a list of your stories and the two columns for reviews/unresponded reviews.

    We did have a forum before (once when we first opened and other awhile back) but the second time around it wasn't too popular, even for posting about fic stuff. I don't think the site is active enough anymore for a chat, though.
  • Thanks :) And too bad about the forums, but I guess you're right :(

  • If the site was more active I'd totally be for it, but I think it would just use up too much resources for something that's not really going to be used except by a few people :
  • totally agreed on that. besides you're already doing a terrific job on this site and I'm sure it takes up a LOT of time, we wouldn't want to push yet another 'demand' on you guys, especially something that unreasonable.

    On a different note, I'm on the Cardiology skin in Safari, and while the review box is right under the chapter, the submit button to it is on the very top of the right column. Obviously it's impossible to make things work on every kind of browser/system/screen etc. perfectly, so what browser would be best for the site? Thanks a bunch :)

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