• Note to MST Writers

    To brush up on the rules a bit, number seven includes a note that mentions insults are not tolerated and "this includes personal attacks against authors in MSTs". To see the entire statement, go to your user area or the terms of service.

    MSTs are allowed on the site, but some of you are taking it a little too far. A MST is supposed to focus on the story, not the person writing it. Throwing around personal insults like calling the original author a "c*nt" or "fat b*tch" is beyond immature, not to mention completely tactless. Your job isn't to poke fun at the author, but the story. I realize that every once in awhile it's fun to put in your little jibes, but let's grow up and save the name calling.

  • I agree
  • I'm a good girl. I think.
  • You're far from a good girl. I should know.
  • Shh... Christine, not on here.
  • Does that mean I can't release our video?
  • Not without a big after party.
  • Video? What video?
  • The one taken from our private collection.
  • o0o0h.. do we get to see it?
  • Maybe we should donate the site to see that vid.
  • Look what you've done, Christine. Now everyone knows about the videos... *cough* I mean video.
  • Haha. Look, you've turned it into a discussion about THOSE video(s). Paris Hilton would be proud of you. In relation to the MST rule, I must admit that I have referred to many idiotic author's as cunts and fat bitches. Can you REALLY blame me for thinking so?
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