• New Category

    GCFF is now accepting stories about other bands as main characters! To add a story featuring another band, you MUST upload it to the "Other Bands" category. This will make your story identifiable to other members that it is not GC-centric. Remember, you can select multiple categories so if your story is a GC/other band member pairing you can add it to both the GC side and the Other Bands category. Same submission rules apply.

    Eventually the stories will be searchable by band name in place of characters. Unfortunately this is a manual process for the time being. If you have a story you would like to upload that features a specific band, you can contact us to have us add the band to the character list ahead of time. Or, add your story and we will create the band/character later and add it to your story. Once a band has been created, going forward you can simply select it in the Characters field when you add a story so that it will be searchable for other members.

    Please contact us or leave a comment here if you have any questions.

  • Change Penname

    If you've ever wanted to change your penname but keep your stories, reviews, favorites, etc. we have an opportunity for you! For just $1.00 USD we will change your penname to something of your choosing. Why charge for this? The one time fee will count towards the yearly fundraising and earn you a donator profile badge. For more information, please visit our Help Center page.

  • Photo Gallery

    I'm excited to announce I've solved the problem with the photo gallery (without breaking anything!) 😆 Beginning today, registered users will be able to upload photos and contribute to the gallery, as well as comment on, rate, and collect your favorite photos. You will also be able to create avatars from uploaded photos to use on the site as your profile picture.

    If you come across any errors using this new feature, please comment below to let me know. Also note that all uploaded photos will go through an approval process to ensure appropriateness of the content. Your photos will not appear until approved.

  • Spring Update

    I will be releasing the spring reviewer badges and awarding the winter badges soon. I also realize I forgot to upload a new image for the 2017 author badge so I will correct that asap 😊

    I apologize for the delay in the gallery. It was my intention to design it in a way that members could upload images, however I'm having problems getting that to actually work. I haven't had time to dig into what's causing the issue but I will try to do that within the next few weeks. If for some reason I cannot get it to work, I may need help brainstorming ideas on what we could do instead. I'll update everyone via the shoutbox when I have more news.

    I'm also looking for individuals willing to expand on our blog experience. Looking for news, writing articles. If you're interested, please reach out with a comment here or the shoutbox, or you can contact me privately using the contact link at the bottom of the page.

  • Winter Update

    I am very excited to announce the launch of our new blog 😆 Our photo gallery has also opened and content will be uploaded within the next few months. One upcoming feature is the ability to create a custom avatar from any picture that appears in the gallery.

    In other news, the 2017 fundraiser has launched. Due to fluctuating domain costs in our favor, we will require a little less than last year to maintain the site through the new year. Thank you to everyone who donated in 2016, especially our top donators Leah_79 and Megan. A special badge has been added to your profiles. For the rest of you, more fun stuff is planned for the site (and chances to earn a ton more badges in 2017) so follow us on Twitter or check in on our shoutbox for the latest scoop!

  • Hello Again

    Just a quick update: I will be releasing the Fall 2016 Reviewer badge very soon and the winter badge will be released on December 21. If you haven't already left a review, be sure to do so to earn your badge 😃 Also if you haven't noticed, we only need $9 to finish out our 2016 fundraiser. Any money donated over that amount will be applied toward the 2017 fundraiser. There will be a special badge awarded toward the person who donated the most during 2016.

    Lastly, the gallery WILL open this month. I promise 😉 I will also be incorporating the blog that was in the original plans in order to drive traffic, so keep an eye out for that! As always, if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know by providing feedback on this post or via shoutbox

  • Summer Update

    Two months in and I'm happy to say our new anti-spam measures seem to be working: no recent spam accounts or reviews *knocks on wood* The next step is opening the gallery which I hope to finish very soon! For now, there are two more earnable badges for your profile:

    Leave ONE review on any story to earn the Summer 2016 Reviewer badge!
    Post a new story/chapter in 2016 to earn the 2016 Author badge!

    And remember, if you donate toward this year's fundraising event you can also receive the exclusive 2016 Donator badge! There will be a special badge at the end of the year for the person who donates the MOST during this event 😀 Reminder that your donations help keep GCFF online! All proceeds go towards domain fees and hosting costs. We currently need $69 to end the year. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far - the site would not be the same without your support! ♥

    Want to see who has the most badges?
    Browse > Top Lists > Most Awarded Users

  • The New

    Note: The site has not been fully tested on all browsers/devices. If you notice any errors, please let us know by commenting on this post or sending a message via twitter or the contact form.

    If you are experiencing visibility issues, try a hard refresh in your browser (or clear your cache)

    Along with our new look are these exciting features:

    1. Responsive - no more mobile version! The site is now fully operational on all devices
    2. Emojis - you can now insert emojis in reviews, comments, bios, and more! 😆 😍
    3. Avatar - although this feature was available before, you can now upload a custom avatar AND it will display next to your penname throughout the site
    4. Shoutbox - a place to leave messages or chat with other members
    5. Badges - members can now earn profile badges - more info coming soon!
    6. Social share - share stories and profiles on social media to gain attraction
    7. Photo gallery - COMING SOON!! ⌛ still some kinks to work out before this opens
    8. Extra spam protection - extra measures should help prevent spammers from registering and posting on the site... 🚫 ✋ In the meantime, let us know if you come across any

    Be sure to login or sign up to get the full experience, check out all our new skins by updating your user preferences, and let us know what you think of our makeover!

  • 2016 Fundraiser

    The time has come to collect donations to keep the site open through 2016! Unfortunately the donation shop was a bit of a bust. I currently pay $600 a year to keep GCFF online. I'm willing to pay 60% of this cost but I need help coming up with the remainder. On the main page you will see a status bar and dollar amount of where we are currently at with donations for the year.

    To encourage donations, I've calculated the cost per day to keep the site running (about $0.80). When a donation is received, it essentially buys days that the site will remain available. If the date listed passes without any more donations, the site will be placed on hiatus. This does not mean the site will shut down/deleted. What it means is that you will not be able to access the site until another donation is received. When that happens, more time will be added based on how much was donated and the site will reopen with a new hiatus date calculated.

    Once we have received the full amount for 2016, the site will no longer be in threat of hiatus. Any extra money collected that exceeds the amount needed for the year will be reserved and used for future costs in 2017. Please consider donating what you can and THANK YOU!

    EDIT: If you donate at any time during the year, you will be given complete access to the site even if the site is placed on hiatus due to lack of donations.

  • New: Challenges

    Do you have an idea for a story but lack the ability or motivation to write it? Add a challenge and an author may choose your idea for their next story! Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration. Check out the new challenge page for more information.

    If you have any more ideas of how to keep GCFF active, please let me know in the comments! I am open to any suggestions.

  • GCFF Christmas Collection

    Introducing a collection of Christmas stories to enjoy this holiday season. This list is in no way complete so let us know if we are missing one of your favorites and remember to review!

  • Review Spam

    I apologize for all the recent review spam. Seems our site is being targeted and it wasn't until I received some for my stories that I even realized. I'm working to combat this but in the meantime if you notice any please let me know.

  • Mobile Version

    If you're visiting the site on a mobile device you should be redirected to our new mobile version! There are a few design kinks to work out, so if you notice anything that looks strange please be sure to let me know by leaving a comment here or on Twitter. Also note that the mobile version is limited in some features. You will not be able to add/manage stories due to the way the site processes these things however you should be able to view stories and leave reviews.

  • NEW: Donation Shop

    The donation shop offers site services and advertising as a way to raise funding for site maintenance costs, including monthly hosting and annual domain fees.

    Current offers include penname changes, a custom URL, banner advertisement, and story promotion. More features may be added in the future. Click here to visit shop.

  • Skin Changes

    As promised I will be adding more skins to the site throughout the week. Also, the Maddens and Old School skins have gotten makeovers. I will be posting updates about newly released skins at our Twitter account. Have a request for a new skin? Comment and let us know.

    You can preview skins from the sidebar on the "Home" page or choose from the drop menu at the bottom of the screen. You must edit your preferences from the "My Account" section to keep your selection. Otherwise the skin may revert back to the default the next time you visit the site.

  • New Feature: ePub Download

    You can now download stories in an ePub version. Previously you had the option of a printable version or Word document. The ePub download link can be found on the the story's table of contents or on individual chapter pages.

    Please let me know if you have any issues with this new feature.

  • Spam Accounts

    I'm working on removing spam accounts but it will take me some time since there are so many to go through. We get a lot of new ones each day so your help is appreciated.

    If you receive any spam reviews, please click the "Report This" link next to the review. Also, if you notice any spam accounts please let me know by either commenting on this news story or using the contact link at the bottom of the page.

    I'm also deleting accounts that have zero reviews or favorites and no personal info listed on the bio. You can use the member search and if your account is not listed, then it was deleted and you will need to register again.

  • Welcome Back

    Hello everyone and welcome back to GCFF! The site is now officially re-open due to popular demand. Please bear with me while I get the site back up and running. Unfortunately, when I closed the site I deleted everything and only kept the story files so I had to remake a skin and edit files from scratch. Good news is this also brought along some cool new features (more on that later!) If you notice an error on the site, please comment on this news story and let me know. You can also get updates on features and changes on Twitter.

    Because of the script the site uses and how large it is, GCFF need to run on a dedicated server which is very costly. Since the site has declined in traffic over the past couple years I was able to downgrade the server which cut the monthly hosting costs by about 65%. However, it still costs around $600/year to host the site so I'm asking for donations. If just 5 people donated $10 a month, it would keep the site open for a full year. Those who donated will get a special profile badge. If you donated and do not see your badge, please contact me and let me know the e-mail you used on Paypal and your penname on the site.

    I will be making a post shortly outlining all the new features so check back soon.

  • The Madden Brothers Before Volume One

    Benji and Joel recently released a mixtape that they basically made for the hell of it with their friends. They came up with 12 tracks that you can download for FREE right here

    Personally, I think the mixtape is awesome and find it pretty refreshing. Go ahead and take a listen if you haven't already!

  • 3 New Skins

    Falling Away, Say Anything & Hold On.

    These are the last of the skins. There will be a mobile version uploaded in the near future.