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    If you've ever wanted to change your penname but keep your stories, reviews, favorites, etc. we have an opportunity for you! For just $1.00 USD we will change your penname to something of your choosing. Why charge for this? The one time fee will count towards the yearly fundraising and earn you a donator profile badge. For more information, please visit our Help Center page.

  • Join the GC Fam!

    The boys have launched the official GC FAM fan club on their website, which includes perks such as old photos, videos (Cribs, Punk'd, old an new tour footage, etc.) as well as early access to "A G.C. Christmas, Part 1" which will officially be released this Friday, December 8th. As of right now there are three membership tiers to the fan club, a free "Associates", $10/year "Inner Circle" and $50/year "OG", the paid memberships containing more exclusive access and perks. I am unsure what all is included in the "Associates" and "Inner Circle" tiers seeing as I immediately threw money at the boys and signed up for the "OG" membership without thinking twice.

    If you have not checked out the official GC FAM yet you can access it here. I have not had much of a chance to play around with the features yet but I am stoked that they are finally doing this and am excited to see what surprises they have up their sleeves!