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  • Zach followed me to one of the small rooms where we usually help people. There, on a bed was a man, his skin looked pale, and he was shaking. He was my kind of guy; piercings, tattoos, everything a man needed to keep me satisfied.

    "Was this Gia and Marco's doing?" I asked, knowing no one else could have possibly have been responsible for this.

    Categories: Slash Pairings, Het Pairings
    Characters: Benji/OFC, Joel/OFC
    Genres: Erotica, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense, Tragedy
    Story Type: Alternate Universe
    Warnings: Death, Violence
    Series: None
    Reviews: 0
    Completed: No
    Word count: 3404
    Read Count: 66
    Chapters: 2
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    Published: 03/22/2013 - Updated:03/22/2013
  • Benji Combs is a popular jock; Joel Madden is a broken mute who is picked on by the population for his sexual orientation.

    Joel Madden has been lost and broken ever since a heartbreaking accident. The most unlikely person at Wardolf High, Benji Combs, may be the only one left who can save him, through an ultimate battle of strength and will, before it's too late. BENJIJOEL SLASH

    Categories: Slash Pairings
    Characters: Benji/Joel
    Genres: Angst
    Story Type: None
    Warnings: Abuse, Death, Rape, Self-Harm, Underage Sex, Violence
    Series: None
    Reviews: 87
    Completed: No
    Word count: 17850
    Read Count: 1870
    Chapters: 7
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    Published: 08/03/2006 - Updated:11/24/2007
  • A squabble between Joel And Benji on what to listen to; Qeen or The Casualties.

    Categories: Band Centric
    Characters: None
    Genres: Comedy
    Story Type: None
    Warnings: None
    Series: None
    Reviews: 4
    Completed: Yes
    Word count: 1035
    Read Count: 139
    Chapters: 1
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    Published: 01/09/2007 - Updated:01/10/2007