• Billy and Linzi have been together since high school. Together, they survived the failure of Overflow. Can they survive the quick success of Good Charlotte? How can Billy choose between the love of his life and the opportunity of a lifetime?

    Categories: Het Pairings, Slash Pairings
    Characters: Billy/OFC, Chris/Joel
    Genres: Drama, Romance
    Story Type: None
    Warnings: Death
    Series: None
    Reviews: 3
    Completed: No
    Word count: 7450
    Read Count: 301
    Chapters: 3
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    Published: 08/04/2006 - Updated:08/10/2006
  • Joel and Chris are late for an interview, and it’s Joel’s fault. Chris wants payback for being late, and it all takes place in one machine we’ve all used in our lives one time or another: the elevator.

    Categories: Slash Pairings
    Characters: Chris/Joel
    Genres: None
    Story Type: None
    Warnings: None
    Series: None
    Reviews: 9
    Completed: Yes
    Word count: 2135
    Read Count: 100
    Chapters: 1
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    Published: 01/21/2005 - Updated:01/21/2005