• Join the GC Fam!

    The boys have launched the official GC FAM fan club on their website, which includes perks such as old photos, videos (Cribs, Punk'd, old an new tour footage, etc.) as well as early access to "A G.C. Christmas, Part 1" which will officially be released this Friday, December 8th. As of right now there are three membership tiers to the fan club, a free "Associates", $10/year "Inner Circle" and $50/year "OG", the paid memberships containing more exclusive access and perks. I am unsure what all is included in the "Associates" and "Inner Circle" tiers seeing as I immediately threw money at the boys and signed up for the "OG" membership without thinking twice.

    If you have not checked out the official GC FAM yet you can access it here. I have not had much of a chance to play around with the features yet but I am stoked that they are finally doing this and am excited to see what surprises they have up their sleeves!

  • I signed up for free first and then changed to OG, too :) can’t wait for the „Made“ shirt! Billy even said on twitter that there might come some Level 27 merch again soon!
    During the Soundcheck in Birmingham last week I asked them about the songs that don’t get to be on the albums and they said that there are loads of them and they are thinking about giving those demos to the fans via the fanclub :) cannot wait for this!! Joel said „one day” so it might take a while though.
    They just released “Christmas by the phone“ and that’s just amazing!!
  • I saw Billy mention it and that's awesome about the extra songs! The guy who is running it kind of hinted to me on Twitter that they will probably be putting up All Things Rock clips, which would be amazing. I love the new version of "Christmas by the Phone" and I'm hopeful they may revamp other old demos like "Gravity Girl", "Superman Can't Walk", etc.
  • I’d love to see All Things Rock clips with a decent quality!! I could never see it on television because in Germany we had other people doing that job. So I hope that happens soon :D and I love the idea of showing us all the stickers and stuff they collected over time 😊
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