• AP Acoustic Session

    During the Youth Authority Fall Tour the guys offered VIP packages through Living The Dream Foundation which included a Meet & Greet, soundcheck/Q&A and side stage experience. Alternative Press was at their Cleveland, OH show and did a short video of the Meet & Greet and acoustic performance of "Seasons" which can be found here.

    I was fortunate enough to be at this show (and am almost too short to be seen in the crowd!) as well as their Boston show a week later, where I got to hang out with our very own Audie! For me personally, this was a genuine experience that I am thankful they offered. As a fan for the past 14 years it was nice to finally meet them and, in a sense, "hang out" with them for a little bit. They were all very kind, humble, funny and almost as shy as us fans. I hope in the future they are able and willing to offer this VIP experience again because it is definitely worth it.

    Comment and share if any of you were able to see the guys during their fall tour or if you too got the VIP experience!

  • Sounds like it was fun!
  • Amazing guys with amazing hearts. I was nervous and they were quick to calm down someone who is a therapist for a living. They were short on time but took the time to make sure each fan that was meeting them felt heard and listened to. By far my favorite quotes were: "that's awesome that you do therapy with kids. We love therapy!" "I love therapy. Therapy is my favorite." And when I handed them a letter I wrote with Megan in the car Joel and Benji said " we love getting letters!" I would definitely spend money to see and meet them again!

    Megan- I'm glad you had a blast! You are welcome to stay at my house anytime they are around or you know, for fun! Summer 2017 will be our Maryland trip! Let's do this!
  • I had the opportunity to take part in the VIP experience on April 18 for their Canadian tour. I am student so I could only afford the Meet and Greet package but it was worth it. Going up to them I lost track of what I wanted to say and not sound creepy. I told them I had been waiting for this [show] for 12 years and Joel and Benji said (after hugging them) that I hope that this was going to be worth the wait. I nodded since I was walking on clouds and shaking from nervousness. I wanted to thank them for always being there to get me through the tough times.

    Next time it wont be so bad and I know now not to be scared/nervous. They are just simply people doing what they love. Definitely something I will do again on their next tour.
  • That's awesome! I'm so glad that you got to have the experience, it really is amazing. I made a total ass of myself the first time I met them because I was so nervous but I think I did much better the second time. I actually got to tell them what I wanted to and I finally had the balls to ask Benji to write lyrics for me that I now have tattooed ♥
  • Very awesome you guys! The only time I've been lucky enough to meet the guys, it was a concert thrown by a local radio station. I can't remember but I think Benji and Joel were last minute stand ins 😝 Anyway, after the concert they went out in the hall to greet fans and were absolutely mobbed. I only had a quick second to say hi and ask for a pic before being shoved out of the way haha. This was the age of digital cameras and I sadly do not have pics anymore from that night due to my laptop crashing several years ago but I'll always remember how nice they were despite the craziness. They had no reason to go out into that hall, and I don't think any of the other artists that played that night did but I like to think they did so because they care about their fans and wanted to make that night special ♥
  • That's really cool, sucks about getting shoved and the laptop crashing through. I've always gotten the impression that they've always been aware of how important the fans are and they'll never forget that. They're just super laid back, they never once seemed annoyed or in a rush during the meet and greets, like they genuinely wanted to hang out with us.
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