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ello all me i'm only some girl with some dream to play music or write poetry yes i am a poetry freak... and since at this moment i am very bored so me post poetry ^.^

Used and unwanted
Life she has flaunted
Giving all hope
As she sits there and mopes
Unloved and heart-broken
As razors leave their mark
She, unwanted and used
So very confused
A beautiful ceremony of life...and death
Hand in hand dieing in each other’s grasp
Gripping tight these last moments of their lives
A peaceful way to say goodbye

Posion ((this is my friends poem it is really good i like it VIOLENT!!!)
Poison in your lungs
and a knife through your heart
I sware to fukkin god,
im gonna tare you apart

I'll put a gun to you head
and blow you fukkin brain
i sware to fukkin god
you make me go insane

slit your throat in your sleep
watch your bloods spill out
im gonna fukkin kill
thats without a doubt

i hope you die in your sleep
and nobody will care
so take one step closer
if you fukkin dare....
^.^ okay im done but yeah if u wana talk 2 me sumhow my aim s/n is:mezmerized death