Reviews For The voice that changed their life

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  • Reviewed by: CobaltFang91 on 12/13/2017 🚩
    Yay another update!!

    This stort is just so adorable.

    Author's Response: Thank you :) I am always trying to keep it cute but not too cheesy or something.
  • Reviewed by: CobaltFang91 on 11/23/2017 🚩
    😊 loved this chapter!!! Can’t wait for them to all be together.

    Author's Response: Thank you :)
  • Reviewed by: CobaltFang91 on 10/13/2017 🚩
    Loved this update. I think how you did the last names were correct. Can't wait for a new update and I hope they adopt her!

    Author's Response: Thank you so much ❤️ Well, remember what you told me? No spoilers ;)
  • Reviewed by: CobaltFang91 on 10/09/2017 🚩
    Aww, this story is hitting me right in the feels, Megan is just so cute. I would hope that if I ever have kids they would sing GC for me :)

    Author's Response: I’m glad you like it :) I never wrote a story with such a young main character but I thought I would give it a try. I want her to act more grown up sometimes because of the way life treats her but I also want her to be the little child she is. Sometimes I need to remind myself that she can’t be all rational thinking and that she has a totally different way of seeing things than the adults do. I want to have kids and they will know Good Charlotte :D but I can’t sing so I can’t expect them to be good singers 😹😹
  • Reviewed by: CobaltFang91 on 10/06/2017 🚩
    I have never read stories like this before nor have I watched The Voice so I'm clueless on what's going on but it is pretty good so far. Can't wait for a new update.

    Author's Response: Thank you :) I wanted to do something else than the usual love stories, so I just started writing out an idea I had in mind :)