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2016 Fundraiser

The time has come to collect donations to keep the site open through 2016! Unfortunately the donation shop was a bit of a bust. I currently pay $600 a year to keep GCFF online. I'm willing to pay 60% of this cost but I need help coming up with the remainder. On the main page you will see a status bar and dollar amount of where we are currently at with donations for the year.

To encourage donations, I've calculated the cost per day to keep the site running (about $0.80). When a donation is received, it essentially buys days that the site will remain available. If the date listed passes without any more donations, the site will be placed on hiatus. This does not mean the site will shut down/deleted. What it means is that you will not be able to access the site until another donation is received. When that happens, more time will be added based on how much was donated and the site will reopen with a new hiatus date calculated.

Once we have received the full amount for 2016, the site will no longer be in threat of hiatus. Any extra money collected that exceeds the amount needed for the year will be reserved and used for future costs in 2017. Please consider donating what you can and THANK YOU!

EDIT: If you donate at any time during the year, you will be given complete access to the site even if the site is placed on hiatus due to lack of donations.

Posted by Christine on 12/21/2015 4:19 pm

New: Challenges

Do you have an idea for a story but lack the ability or motivation to write it? Add a challenge and an author may choose your idea for their next story! Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration. Check out the new challenge page for more information.

If you have any more ideas of how to keep GCFF active, please let me know in the comments! I am open to any suggestions.

Posted by Christine on 12/18/2015 10:06 pm

GCFF Christmas Collection

Introducing a collection of Christmas stories to enjoy this holiday season. This list is in no way complete so let us know if we are missing one of your favorites and remember to review!

Posted by Christine on 12/12/2015 8:34 am