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  • Summer Update

    Two months in and I'm happy to say our new anti-spam measures seem to be working: no recent spam accounts or reviews *knocks on wood* The next step is opening the gallery which I hope to finish very soon! For now, there are two more earnable badges for your profile:

    Leave ONE review on any story to earn the Summer 2016 Reviewer badge!
    Post a new story/chapter in 2016 to earn the 2016 Author badge!

    And remember, if you donate toward this year's fundraising event you can also receive the exclusive 2016 Donator badge! There will be a special badge at the end of the year for the person who donates the MOST during this event 😀 Reminder that your donations help keep GCFF online! All proceeds go towards domain fees and hosting costs. We currently need $69 to end the year. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far - the site would not be the same without your support! ♥

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