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  • AP Acoustic Session

    During the Youth Authority Fall Tour the guys offered VIP packages through Living The Dream Foundation which included a Meet & Greet, soundcheck/Q&A and side stage experience. Alternative Press was at their Cleveland, OH show and did a short video of the Meet & Greet and acoustic performance of "Seasons" which can be found here.

    I was fortunate enough to be at this show (and am almost too short to be seen in the crowd!) as well as their Boston show a week later, where I got to hang out with our very own Audie! For me personally, this was a genuine experience that I am thankful they offered. As a fan for the past 14 years it was nice to finally meet them and, in a sense, "hang out" with them for a little bit. They were all very kind, humble, funny and almost as shy as us fans. I hope in the future they are able and willing to offer this VIP experience again because it is definitely worth it.

    Comment and share if any of you were able to see the guys during their fall tour or if you too got the VIP experience!

  • Spring Update

    I will be releasing the spring reviewer badges and awarding the winter badges soon. I also realize I forgot to upload a new image for the 2017 author badge so I will correct that asap 😊

    I apologize for the delay in the gallery. It was my intention to design it in a way that members could upload images, however I'm having problems getting that to actually work. I haven't had time to dig into what's causing the issue but I will try to do that within the next few weeks. If for some reason I cannot get it to work, I may need help brainstorming ideas on what we could do instead. I'll update everyone via the shoutbox when I have more news.

    I'm also looking for individuals willing to expand on our blog experience. Looking for news, writing articles. If you're interested, please reach out with a comment here or the shoutbox, or you can contact me privately using the contact link at the bottom of the page.