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    Note: The site has not been fully tested on all browsers/devices. If you notice any errors, please let us know by commenting on this post or sending a message via twitter or the contact form.

    If you are experiencing visibility issues, try a hard refresh in your browser (or clear your cache)

    Along with our new look are these exciting features:

    1. Responsive - no more mobile version! The site is now fully operational on all devices
    2. Emojis - you can now insert emojis in reviews, comments, bios, and more! 😆 😍
    3. Avatar - although this feature was available before, you can now upload a custom avatar AND it will display next to your penname throughout the site
    4. Shoutbox - a place to leave messages or chat with other members
    5. Badges - members can now earn profile badges - more info coming soon!
    6. Social share - share stories and profiles on social media to gain attraction
    7. Photo gallery - COMING SOON!! ⌛ still some kinks to work out before this opens
    8. Extra spam protection - extra measures should help prevent spammers from registering and posting on the site... 🚫 ✋ In the meantime, let us know if you come across any

    Be sure to login or sign up to get the full experience, check out all our new skins by updating your user preferences, and let us know what you think of our makeover!